9.5 million. Samsung Galaxy S7 Is Expected to Be Sold in 1. Quarter

The analysts screws expectations up to Samsung, who now is expected to have sold 9.5 million. Copies of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge in 1. on a quarterly basis.

Before Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge landed in stores worldwide on 11 March , it was reported that Samsung had turned up for the production of the two top models, so that in the month of may would be produced throughout the 17 million. copies.

9.5 million. Samsung Galaxy S7 Is Expected to Be Sold in 1. Quarter

It now appears to have been a good idea, because according to ZDNet have analysts have now screwed up expectations in relation to how many copies Samsung has managed to long over the counter in this year’s 1. on a quarterly basis. From Korea investment & Securities’ Analyst, Jay Yoo, sounded the expectation initially at 7 million. copies of 1. on a quarterly basis.

The figure is, however, now uprated to 9.5 million. copies, which at 1. quarter will say from the pre-order period on 21. February to 11. March and from sales start in stores, telecommunications companies and at webshops from the 11. March until 31 March 2006. March.

“It seems that sales to retailers have been pretty good, and analysts put sales expectations up for Galaxy S7 this year. The company (Samsung, ed.) presses on-hand for mid-range and budget smartphones into the air to protect their market share. It is a good move that Samsung starts sales of Galaxy S7 about a month earlier than Galaxy S6 to exploit that Apple does not have new products out yet, “ says investment manager in HDC Asset Management, Park Jung-hoon.


Selling with all probability better than Galaxy S6

If Samsung has managed to long these 9.5 million. copies of the Galaxy and Galaxy S7 edge over S7 disc, it will in all likelihood result in better sales than forgængerene, Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

Last year Samsung launched the two top models on 10. April, and after a month and a period with pre-orders ended it with sales of 6 million copies. The 10 million Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 may now have moved closer, took the Galaxy and Galaxy S6 S6 edge 39 days.

It is probably the attractive offers with a free Samsung Gear VR goggles, which have contributed to the initial sales figures bode well. There is, however, not to know quite sure whether or not the sale is better than its predecessor, before Samsung even publish sales figures.

With such numbers, it can also be unclear whether the figures count all copies, which are sold both to customers and dealers or the actual number, as customers have purchased.