Android 6.0 Marshmallow Rolls Now in Addition to OnePlus One

Android 6.0 Marshmallow rolls right now in addition to OnePlus One. If you can’t wait, you can already now even install the upgrade.

Back to november promised OnePlus the last Marshmallow-version for top models OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 in 1. quarter of 2016. OnePlus upgrade released as a beta version for OnePlus 2 just before the deadline, but with the situation little One is another OnePlus.

The phone is equipped with software adaptation Cyanogen US, as not being developed by myself, but by the OnePlus Cyanogen. US confused often with cyanogen CyanogenMod (even OnePlus’ software Manager makes it in this forum thread), but there are major differences between these two. When CyanogenMod is developed by volunteers and is open-source, OnePlus’ Cyanogen US-adaptation, by contrast, created by the commercial company, Cyanogen, CyanogenMod, there arose from the open project and still based very much on it.

It means, of course, that takes extra time in relation to the closed Cyanogen US-version to be updated to Marshmallow-which today has finally happened. It writes OnePlus ‘ software Manager, Helen, in a forum thread. Therefore, if you have a OnePlus One with Cyanogen US running version 5.1.1 with Cyanogen OS version 12.1.1-YOG7DAS2K1, you can get the Marshmallow.

How to upgrade your OnePlus One to the Marshmallow

You can either wait for the upgrade rolls out automatically, where you will receive a notification when it is ready to download on your device, or you can manually download the zip file from Cyanogens website. If you download the file directly on your OnePlus One or transfers it from a computer, makes no difference. You keep all data, pictures and apps as zil-file is installed on your current system.

Then you must go into the phone’s recovery menu. To do this, turn off OnePlus One, and then you hold down the “on/off” and “volume down” buttons simultaneously for three seconds. Then you will see the recovery menu, where you use the volume buttons to navigate up and down and use the on/off button as a “ok”-button.

You must now navigate down to “Apply update”, and then you must select the “Choose from internal storage”. Now you will see the file structure, where you must select “/0”. You should now, among all your folders such as DCIM, Downloads and Pictures, could see the zip file with the name “”. Select this with the on/off button, and then the upgrade to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow in full swing. Eventually you’ll come out from recovery, select “Reboot system now”.

In and with the closed version for OnePlus One, Cyanoen US, is based on the open CyanogenMod, shows most of the news also on this overview of the news in the CyanogenMod 13.

The news of 13 and cyanogen cyanogenmod us 13 (android 6.0 marshmallow):
  • Whisper push (encrypted SMS) is removed from all CyanogenMod-software.
  • Settings ‘ on the phone ‘ Advanced mode is removed.
  • New way to show all settings at the same time.
  • Modify in the quick settings-fields directly in the Panel instead of in the settings. Opportunity for greater first row in the Panel as well as the weather in one of the fields.
  • ” Advanced placement options ‘ renamed to ‘ Tri-state-location ‘.
  • New options for the “status bar icons”.
  • Fast unlocking in the lock screen is removed.
  • Manual Setup for multi-SIM card removed.
  • Triple-click Settings» telephone» run date to activate the demo mode.
  • “Info about owner”-replaced with “message on the lock screen” function.
  • New page (AOSP) to display RAM consumption over a selected time period.
  • “Double tap to awaken” replaced with AOSP-implementation.
  • CM implementation of silent mode replaced with AOSP-implementation.
  • New user interface by protected content in folders on the home screen.
  • Support for fingerprints (not OnePlus One) for access to protected content in CM-apps.
  • A protected app can no longer be opened via the Playstation store.
  • Appnotifikationer and services affected no longer negatively of protection status.
  • The ability to switch system profiles via on/off menu is removed. Instead, there came a quick settings field.
  • New SMS/MMS app with quick reply.
  • Privacy Guard has been developed from scratch because of the new model for permissions for apps in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Requests for permissions are handled by CyanogenMods own package håndteringsfil if Google apps and services are not installed. With Google-and-Play services permissions are handled by Google’s own service installed.
  • Users retain the ability to control permissions via Options» Privacy» Privacy Guard.
  • A CM 8.1-compatible C-Apps is not yet available, but should come in a week’s time.