CAT S60 Smart Phone Which Tolerate Beatings and See in the Dark

CAT S60 lives up to its craft roots by that stand to be lost from 2 metres in height and by bidding on an infrared camera.

Are you listening to them which destroys mobile phones on the Assembly line, Cat’s latest creation can very well be the phone for you.

CAT S60 Smart Phone Which Tolerate Beatings and See in the Dark

As the raw, industrial design suggests, is an extremely hardy phone S60 CAT who, among other things, comply with the stringent MIL 810 g requirements-which means it can stand to be lost from 2 metres in height.

Would you rather lose S60 in a puddle, copes with the also it. The phone is namely waterproof in up to 5 meters depth for at least an hour. S60 can also be operated with wet fingers or gloves.

Craftsmen can also rejoice over another trick S60 has in the Toolbox: a thermal camera (FLIR). With the onboard, you can see the heat from your surroundings, even in dark, smoke or steam. FLIR-camera can measure temperatures of up to 30 meters away and used to detect heat that escapes from, among other things, buildings, machinery or electronics.


Also works as a smartphone

Your phone has a 4.7 inch large HD display that can provide a brightness of up to 540 nits and are therefore easy to decipher even in full sunshine. The monitor is protected by Gorilla Glass 4.

Behind the strong outer saves S60 on a decent mobile. Here you get a Snap dragon 617 octa-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. Your phone comes with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The main camera has at its disposal 13 megapixels, while selfiekameraet offers 5 megapixels.

Finally, is S60 ekviperet with a huge battery of 3,800 mAh-which should ensure an extremely long operating time.

When CAT S60 will debut is not defined yet – although the company States that it will get the sales start later this year.

Indicative selling price denominated in Euro, or around 649 4,850 Danish kroner.