Doro 8030-new smartphone to the elderly

At the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona presents Doro today the newest member in the company’s growing smartphone family: Doro 8030.The model has Doros specially developed interface as the only one on the market “thinking reverse” compared to “regular” smartphones. The menu structure is here built up after what is most intuitive for users-the pensioners. At the same time, come to be price-wise 8030 Doro, so more seniors will be able to try their hand at smartphone technology.

-If you are not accustomed to use smartphone technology, the menu structure in the “regular” smartphones seem quite confusing. They are seldom particularly intuitive if one is not so experienced in icons and apps. With the latest two models, we have tried to “turn the Tin” and develop a user interface where the entire menu structure takes aside in what seems intuitively for the target group, especially for first-time users, says Rudi Iversen, who is the Country Manager for Doro in Denmark.

Innovative user interface

The result is a user interface with icons that focuses on actions rather than applications. With a common user interface, there are often multiple entries and icons for the same operation, and it can easily seem confusing. Doro 8030 have simple, large icons, so you’ll avoid getting lost. Will you send a picture, a video or a text message, press only the icon “submit” and then choose “what” to be sent (text, image or video), and finally “who” it should be sent.


Same specifications – lower cost

But the user interface is not the only thing that has in common with its predecessor 8030 Doro Doro Liberto 825. The new Android-based Doro 8030 builds also on 4 g technology and comes with Doros new, horizontal charging station, just as it has a built-in start-up Assistant, which makes it super easy to get started and learn how to use the phone. The guides and asking necessary questions along the way, so the user can feel comfortable about setting everything from volume for adding new contacts. It is a great advantage if you are a beginner udi smartphone world.

-Our own user surveys show that in group 65 + is an ever-growing demand for smartphones. The entire 60 percent intend to buy a smartphone the next time, they should have a new cell phone. That is why it is important for us that our smartphone portfolio responds to differences in needs and pocketbook, deepens Rudi Iversen.

Smartphone trend among seniors

It is not long ago, Doro was primarily known for user-friendly senior phones with extra-large keys. The Doro 8030 is the fifth smartphone from the Swedish mobile manufacturer in just few years helps to emphasise the growing smartphone desire among pensioners.
Doro 8030 is available in black and will be available in stores and online from March 2016.