Find Free Stuff with the App “Ta’ Det’ for Android and iOS

The app “ta’ it” is a new portal for Android and iOS, where you can find absolutely free and give free stuff to others in your area.

There are lots of portals, websites and apps for the buying and selling of goods, but not someone where it’s all about giving and receiving totally free stuff. This is what the new, Danish iOS and Android app “ta’ it” will do easily.

Find Free Stuff with the App “Ta’ Det’ for Android and iOS

“Our mission has from the start been to reverse the overspending to a free resource for the enjoyment of all. We have focused on creating the market’s easiest, safest and most entertaining free portal, which provides that it is always a good experience to give things away or play for free treasure hunter in the immediate area. It is very much an app for the world’s happiest people, “ telling the creator behind the app, Rasmus Thude, to the mobile site.

The concept is quite simple. You can in pure Peaks-style connect with your Facebook profile and select a radius so distance from your GPS location-from which you would like to find things near you who give free away by others.

Here it is so to stand in queue to the desired thing as soon as possible. The owner of the thing that is given away for free, you can chat with people in the queue, which can be agreed by the thing at an approximate pickup location of his or her home address.

There are no addresses, phone numbers or other personal information published in the app, so you can confidently both pick up and create your own free stuff. Creation of free stuff just works so that you take a picture, write a title and description, and so is your thing immediately created-which also is free. You decide how long the ad should be active and who in the queue that you want to give the thing to.

Of course there are also some rules that must be adhered to, as it is recommended to take a look at before the app is taken into use. Among other things, must spread not contain certain types of medication and live animals.

It is worth noting that, in spite of the fact that the app has been around since december, it has yet to be passed and have therefore only got between 1,000-5,000 downloads in Play-shop and overall, about 50 reviews.

It means, of course, to the Committee of free things are then. It is, however, something that completely automatically should get in step with the app – maybe – rising in popularity.

Purely technical and functional looking “ta’ it”-app at least quite promising and has the potential to become a new hit.