First Bend Test of the iPhone VIEW-Not As Strong As 6S

First bend test reveals that Apple’s latest smartphone is not as powerful as its big brothers.

Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone VIEW, can not measure up with its big brothers in the 6S series. They conclude nyhedsvloggeren with Everything ApplePro in a series of two bend test.

In the video we see that the iPhone VIEW bows when it is exposed to pressure. Vulnerability is situated, like in iPhone 6, around the volume buttons, where the frame on both the tested phones give in by a hand-created pressures.

This vulnerability is attributed to Apple’s choice of material, in the iPhone VIEW using the company’s not of the same strong 7000-series aluminum as it exists in iPhone 6S.

Otherwise, keep the good

YouTube channel also test the iPhone VIEW of discipline ‘ drop-test ‘ where the phone excels at to survive falls from both hip and facial height without screen shatter.

In the final test, where the iPhone VIEW dropped from 3 meters height, allows the screen, however, when it meets the asphalt. The glass shatter, but the display works, in spite of everything, ever.

By comparison, did the aging iPhone 5S better, but only because it was struck on a cover.

iPhone VIEW is doing at the same time well in water torture, by surviving a 15 minutes long swim. A good figure, however, does not measure up with iPhone 5S as performing in 17 minutes before the set off. Both cell phones may not, however, call themselves for water-tight as Samsung two latest S7-phones who do not fear the water for over half an hour.