Fona: New Round of Mass Layoffs and Closures on the Way

Electronics chain Fona will in future concentrate on significantly fewer businesses. Only 8 shops will survive and mass layoffs announced.

The crisis at the electronics chain Fona is deeper than thought. After several years of economic decline are the prospects bleak for chain with 90 years of history, shopping for the latest rescue plan is now superseded by an even tougher austerity.

Fona: New Round of Mass Layoffs and Closures on the Way

In February, the company began a restructuring that would rectify the results. The number of stores had to be reduced from 56 to 31 along with layoffs to follow.

A month after the original rescue plan, plug escape the axe deeper, with a drastic reduction in the number of stores from 31 to 8.

“Now we have a core business of eight stores. We have going on in the various debates to different pages. It may well be that we will have more stores, but we do not believe in 31 stores, otherwise had we not done, as we are doing now, “says curator for the company’s reconstruction Ole Borch to our site.

Several hundred to be fired

The 1. April will therefore wait a redundancy notice to the MBAkecheng employees are not assigned to the remaining businesses. In all, this is about 280 employees.

Horse cure comes, because we have failed to find sufficient capital from new investors.

“It has gone wrong, that we’ve had some discussions about a future ownership structure, which has not been agreed. On the one hand, the current owners have not agreed to provide enough money to be able to continue – But it is not succeeded to inject additional money externally via investors. So Fona is now only a shadow of what it once was, “says Ole Krohn.

In a press release emphasizing the receivers from the reconstruction that the solution is not definitive but is considered the most likely.

Here are the remaining Fona stores

Eight stores will survive the harsh cuts. Below you can see which ones are allowed to pass

  • FONA Trianglen
  • FONA Klampenborgvej
  • FONA Fisketorvet
  • FONA Strøget, Copenhagen
  • FONA Frederiksberg
  • FONA Lyngby Storcenter
  • FONA Rødovre Centrum
  • FONA Aalborg Nytorv