Google Supports the Apple in Krypteringssag

Google’s Sundar Pichai, hills, ceo Apple up in their decision not to create a backdoor to the United States authorities.

A new major player joins itself into the armslægningen between Apple and the American authorities. Front passenger and Executive Director at Google, Sundar Picha, trays for up on Apple’s decision whether or not to create any back door to iPhones. It writes the Verge.

Google Supports the Apple in Krypteringssag

Pichai points out that a court that forcing a company to dislodge about security in their units will make ‘a frightening precedent’. Google’s Android operating system, like Apple’s iOS, provides the ability to encrypt your phone or tablet.

Sundat Pichai emphasizes at the same time that he wants to support the authorities and domstolernes access to data when these are based on valid requiring. The FBI’s injunction to Apple, however, he considers as being another matter: “to force a business to allow hacking kompromiterer users’ right to privacy” says Google boss.

The search giant’s Chief concludes his opinion with an appeal to open and constructive open letter from Apple: we refuse to hack our iPhones discussion on topic-almost the same words as the Apple boss Tim Cook, recently completed its open letter with.