Here Are the Best Aprilsnarre from the Mobile World

It is the 1. April, and that means tradition a wealth of aprilsnarre. We have therefore compiled the funniest of them.

Are you hopped on an april fool’s joke or two during the day? Most likely, it is flourishing as always with a lot of its kind in honor of the occasion and we on the mobile site has certainly could not resist the temptation with the announcement of the remarkable app for your smartphone, CrackTrack, which is capable of measuring your body temperature at any unconventional manner.

Here Are the Best Aprilsnarre from the Mobile World

But what has otherwise been to fun aprilsnarre in the mobile world? You can get an overview of this collection, which we have looked through the net for the funniest aprilsnarre, we could find. If you were to be dropped over one that we’ve missed, you are more than welcome to tip us about it in a comment below.

Gmail Mic Drop

In Gmail inserted Google a “Mic Drop”-send-button next to the ordinary submit button, which lets you “mute” an e-mail conversation, so you never get an answer back in the thread again and thus the peace and quiet at the same time sends a text and GIF animation button to all of the recipients in the conversation.

Google, however, had to quickly remove april snarren again, since it quickly got quite unfortunate outcomes. Among other things, was a person allegedly fired, unless it also has an april fool, after sending an email with Mic answer button to Drop his employer.

Search for images with emojis

Google Photos app made an april fool with that you can now search for your photos simply by making emojis. Insert, for example, a dog-emoji, and immediately you get pictures of dogs.

Emoji proposal in Inbox-app

Google is apparently wild with emojis. In Google’s april fool for Inbox app (Google’s own alternative to Gmail) you are now presented with emojis instead of useful suggestions for quick replies to an e-mail message.

Read more about emojis in Inbox city Gmail here.


Google Cardboard Plastic

Google’s popular virtual reality-papprille has got a proper upgrade in honor of the occasion, so it is now carried out in nothing inferior to that of transparent plastic, so you get 4 d-integrated surveys, 360 degree sound, 20/20 vision, no cables, no battery and which is lightweight and waterproof.

Read more about Google Cardboard Plastic here.

#GetSandstoned from OnePlus

OnePlus has used the familiar Sands tone material from the back on its phones in this april fool with the campaign #GetSandstoned. OnePlus improves now everyday products such as a Cup, SOAP, iPhone-cover and sneakers by to coat them with sands tone “material, so you never stumbles or loses things in their hands.

Read more about #GetSandstoned here.

Google Express: Package delivery with parachutes

Delivery with drones is anyway not the future – it’s parachutes. The existing shopping service Google Express delivers now packages anywhere and anytime – just when you need them.

Read more about Google Express here.


YouTube: watch videos in Snoopa-Vision

On YouTube, there is a new button to the left of where you adjust the quality. The button labeled “Show in Snoopa-Vision” and enable 360 degree view for videos seen from a cinema along with none other than Snoop Dogg.

Read more about Snoopa-Vision here.

Samsung Internet of Trousers

Samsung is ready with a pair of smart pants, which saves on WiFly, if the zipper has been open for more than three minutes. The pants also have sensors, so you get notifkationer, if it is time to move, just as bio-sensors opposite tells you if you should relax a bit. Eventually sends a DELETED-chip signals to your fridge to prevent you from getting heatstroke.

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