Here Are the Top 10 Strongest Brands in the Mobile Industry

Which companies are the strongest global brands in the mobile industry? It has the company Brand Finance examined in a big top 500-rank list for 2016.

Each year publishes several ranking lists of the strongest global brands, and now even one of these has been published. It is the British consultancy Brand Finance, which advises companies in strengthening their brands, which has ranked all major brands all over the world in a top 500 list.

Here Are the Top 10 Strongest Brands in the Mobile Industry

The list is drawn up on the basis of three parameters. First, there is the so-called Fire Strength Index (BSI), which are looking at market share, growth in market share, revenue and profit. The second parameter is brand loyalty, while eventually also flexes marketing investments.

On the list are most major mobile manufacturers represented, but it is in a wide field from the lowest ranking on a 343. space for a top spot with a 1. space. The biggest leap was taken by Chinese producers-both in positive and negative direction.

The 5. largest producer, Xiaomi, has taken the sovereign’s biggest leap up the leader board. Last year was the 421 Xiaomi. the largest fire, and just one year later, the manufacturer achieved a position at number 265. Huawei, which is also the 3. largest producer, are in great growth – not only in market share, but as fire.

Huawei is on a year gone 57 locations to the 47. largest fire in the whole world according to – something that also can be seen here in Denmark. Not so promising, however, looks out for Lenovo, which has snapped up Motorola. Here are the 4. largest producer gone all 77 seats back in the list as the 343. strongest brand.

Well up the list, but still far away from the top spots, LG just outside the top 100 with a ranking at number 102, which is a decline at 3 locations. After LG’s Sony to find which number 138, which, however, has gone all 24 seats forward. A still relatively popular manufacturer here in the West, as no spots among the top 500 are finding, is HTC. If this is something the upcoming HTC 10 can do nothing about, will probably soon become apparent.

It leaves a field of producers who have ingested all rank list top 5 placings. Microsoft is like the 5. strongest brand throughout the world, but has gone a lot back from last year. American Amazon have shifted 4 seats up to a 4. space. In addition to stand for purchase since company also stands behind everything from the smart phone Amazon Four Phone, e-book readers and Web services, and servers.

Top 3 is made up of the same three producers as last year, but Samsung is smoked down on a 3. space after having been the 2. strongest brand in 2015. Google has crept up on the 2. square from a 3. space, and it leaves Apple as the strongest brand in the entire world according to Brand Finance – exactly like last year.

Can you recognize the above ranking of the various producers in the mobile industry, or do you mean that one or more producers should be ranked better or worse as a global brand? Give your bid on where the different manufacturers is located.