HTC Launches Affordable Desire 530 in Denmark

HTC Desire-family increase with a new Member in Denmark: 530, which according to HTC Desire sets new standards for how much you get for your money.

While HTC’s next top model lets wait on it is the Taiwanese manufacturer ready with three new smartphones in Desire-the family that does not cost the Earth: 530, 630 and Desire Desire Desire 825, in which only the former come to Denmark.

Ahead of Mobile World Congress 2016, which right now is in the process, lifted the veil of Desire HTC 530, which is a cheap 4 g smartphone with a nice and somewhat different design that has all the features you can expect to a modern smartphone.

In it something interesting design is therefore a 5 “LCD monitor with an HD resolution of 720 x 1,280 pixels that are hiding. While the new 530 basic looks like its predecessors, is the color choice that makes the difference. The back is marked by a so-called “micro splash effect” in contrasting colors, just as the on/off button it. It provides a pretty interesting finish that is a breath of fresh air in the often tedious selection of color combinations for smartphones.

“HTC has built its reputation by remaining at the forefront of design development and new features. At the same time we are aware that the fierce competition in the smartphone market have made consumers more quality-and cost-conscious than ever before. With the launch of 530 moves we Desire the limits of what one can expect of design and functionality in this price class, “ tells the Nordic head of HTC, Jan Costa Thiele.

Of other hardware featuring HTC Desire at a Snapdragon 210-530 processor consisting of 4 cores on 1.1 GHz. There follows the 16 GB storage space with the possibility to upgrade up to (in theory) 2 TB. On the camera front offers Desire 530 at 8 megapixels with an f/2.4 Aperture at the back to record HD videos and 5 megapixel with f/2.8 for selfies-i.e. not flashy by any means, but as a budget phone, it is also not to be expected.

Boom Sound enhancement

One of HTC hero-sized marks is the so-called Boom technology, which is HTC’s brand of stereo speakers that provide significantly better sound than what you usually can expect in a smartphone.

HTC Desire 530 is equipped with HTC Boom Sound profiles, so the sound is improved in the software. You get so not quite the same high quality as in One M9, but probably better than what my competitors are in the same price class can deliver.

Price and availability

HTC announces that you can purchase HTC Desire 530 from week 11 (mid-March) in color Graphite Gray. It will be at a price of 1,690 crowns, where it will be dealers Elgiganten, Komplett and Dustin as well as telecoms Telenor, Telia and CallMe, who will lead it.