Huawei Is Booming in Denmark

Chinese Huawei stormer frem in the Danish market-both in the number of smartphones sold and in the Danish consciousness.

Chinese Huawei enjoy greater and greater prosperity among the Danish mobile buyers which have gradually developed a taste for the Chinese company’s latest smartphones.

Huawei Is Booming in Denmark

By 2015, progress was explosive, with a growth of 60 percent compared to the previous year. The good year culminated in the last two months of the year, with a third place amongst mobile manufacturers in Denmark-only overtaken by tech-mastodonterne Apple and Samsung. It writes Huawei in a press release.

The development is at the same time, come in the wake of a change in the manufacturer’s mobile Committee. Where Huawei made his debut in the Danish market with affordable budget mobiles and 3 g dongles sold now smartphones both from the animal and the cheap tele shelves.

“That much of our growth comes from the high price segments tells me that the Danes recognize that we have something to offer, both in terms of technology and design. The Danish consumers are picky and have high expectations for both quality and performance. And it is a great vote of confidence, they increasingly look Huaweis road when choosing from the top shelf. We are very proud of, “explains Thor Gøtz, Director of Huaweis Consumer Business in

We recognize the Huawei

Much has happened since that time Huawei as unknown manufacturer only sold 3 g dongles to the Danes. In the last inventory of the Danes ‘ so-called ‘brand awareness ‘ frames Huawei 69 percent. This means that more than two out of three Danes now nods Yes when it says Huawei logo on the cell phone.

Huawei worldwide has sold more than 100 million smartphones through 2015, with intermediate mobile P8Lite as the largest market.