Huawei Mate Book-a Hypertablet for Business Class

Huawei Mate Book: Full Windows 10, lots of forces in a device that is both thinner and lighter than Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro

Huawei Mate Book-a Hypertablet for Business Class

Huawei Expands Portfolio with an essential device for the working people. Huawei points out that time is running out for the PC with its heavy-handed style, often unimpressive screen and short battery life.

Now it’s time for what Huawei even Baptist “Business 3.0”-an easier and associated alternative to the PC.

To meet the new needs, Huawei now launches their hybrid solution between a tablet and a laptop: Huawei Mate Book. A Windows 10 engine which delivers PC-forces in a tablet format.

Tailored to business class

Huawei has a penchant for deliciously twisted metal, a love which lives on in Mate Book. This time, however, there is screwed further up for the noble materials with a chassis in brushed titanium.

It is first and foremost a tablet, just like in Microsoft Surface units, but with just a 10 mm frame around the display. The profile is at 6, 9 mm which together with rounded edges and a weight of just 640 grams gives a tablet that gives the rear wheel to both Microsoft’s and Apple’s great tablets.

The display stretches over one 12 inch in a 3:2 format which is available both in upright and landscape format.

Resolution of 2,160 x 1,440 pixels turn on no records, but it makes the colours for the match, 85% of the Adobe RGB color space – which promise deeper and richer colors than in any other tablet hybrid on the market today.

On the side, between the two volume buttons, save the Mate Book on a fingerprint reader that provides the same lightning-fast unlocking as in Educationvv is Mate-mobiles. At the bottom is pumped the sound out of two downward-facing stereo speakers.

Track of the accessory

At the bottom is a magnetic connection that ends Matebook’en for the leather indtrukne cover with backlit keys. The tablet can be set in two angles, 52 or 67 degrees so you can avoid glare from possibly light behind you.

The keyboard is splash proof, and backlit buttons give off a good clicking sensation. The touchpad is also in a good size for such a small device.

Drawing happy and digital artists can buy ‘ Mate Pen ‘ – a digital stylus that detects 2048 levels of pressure – double that of Apple’s pencil. It has two configurable buttons and works at the same time as the laser-pointer for presentation use. Smart.

The pen holding the power in a month and is charged via a standard micro-USB cable.
To connect the MateBook’en to the screens or other accessories are MateDock created. It provides connectivity to both VGA, HDMI, Ethernet and USB ports while the loader Mate Book up.

Laptop-forces in tablet format

Power drive provided by Intel’s sixth-generation Core processor from Intel. It is a power-saving Core M dual-core family that is ticking inside Mate Book with frequencies up to 3.1 GHz.

On the battery front is Mate Book ekviperet with a 33.7 Wh battery – which had to row to 10 hours of normal use.

A delicious detail is to find in itself the 110 grams light charger which barely larger than an ordinary smartphone charger.

Configurations Huawei Mate Book

Huaweis Mate Book comes in six different configurations, as something special is all variants including Cat 6. 4 g connectivity.

  • Intel Core m3/4 GB/128 GB SSD – € 799
  • Intel Core m3/4 GB/256 GB SSD – € 949
  • Intel Core m5/8 GB/256 GB SSD – € 1149
  • Intel Core m5/8 GB/512 GB SSD – € 1349
  • Intel Core m7/8 GB/256 GB SSD – € 1599
  • Intel Core m7/8 GB/512 GB SSD – € 1799

Keyboard: € 149
MatePen: € 69
MateDock: € 99

Mate Book comes in two colors, silver/white or dark grey/black, while the keyboard cover comes in red, beige, Brown or Navy Blue.

The Danish launch is established yet, but Huawei Denmark confirms a release during the second quarter of 2016.


Specifications Huawei Mate Book

Dimensions: 278 x 194 x 6.9 mm, 640 grams
Screen: 2160 x 1440, 12 “85% gamut, 400 nits
Performance: Intel Core m3, m5, m7 4-8 GB RAM
Storage: 128 GB-512 GB
Battery: 10 hours of normal use, 33.7 Wh.
Camera: 5MP fixfokus
Network: Cat 6.
Price: From € 799