Image: Huawei Confirms P9 Get Luxury Camera

Cooperation between German Leica and Chinese seem to bear fruit. A spy photos reveal that the camera in Huawei P9 gets German optics.

A month ago, Huawei announced a partnership with the German camera specialists from Leica. Cooperation allows already now to bear fruit for a leaked photo of the Huaweis upcoming P9-topmobil shows a Leica logo next to the P9’erens special camera.

Image Huawei Confirms P9 Get Luxury Camera

At the same time, the Leica Summarit-get the optics term, a nickname which is assigned the company’s least expensive lenses. With starting prices of over 12,000 dollars for Summarit M optics core means cheap here, only cheap in relation to the company’s other lenses. The focal length will be equivalent to 27 mm. 

In addition, it can be seen on the image special Huawei camera which has not just one but two optics that will certainly work in tandem, to ensure the best possible results. It writes our site.

The image reveals at the same time that the optics will have an opening at f/2.2, which will lock-less light in, compared to Huawei P8 and its f/2.0 lens.

P9 can therefore hope to benefit from the luxury German felt experience in particular, optics, in the photo world have Leica as been synonymous with optical perfection and extravagant prices.

It is not the first time that a mobile manufacturer allying themselves with reputable optics specialists from Germany. Nokia and now Microsoft has long collaborated with Carl Zeiss, while Schneider-Kreuznach signed camera modules with Oppo and BlackBerry.