iPhone VIEW Has gotten a Lethargic Sales Start

The new iPhone VIEW steals not just as big iPhone-market shares as previous iPhones, and it suggests therefore that it did not sell as well.

Something could indicate that consumers are not convinced by the idea of a powerful iPhone VIEW with the same design as the 2.5 year old iPhone 4 with a 4 “screen as notifiers. In any case, joins the first analysis Institute on a significantly lower prevalence of the model after the first sales weekend compared to the earlier iPhones.

It is analysis Institute Localytics, as via more than 100 million. iPhones have observed how the launch of the new iPhone at the end of the month of March has influenced the market shares of the different iPhones. When Apple release a new iPhone in the trade, the demand for such a large all over the world, that they immediately take small market share from all the previous iPhones.

iPhone VIEW gets a slow start

The first weekend is now over, after sales beginning is kicked off in over 100 different countries – Denmark, among other things, but the connection of new customers according to 0.1% of iPhone-only Localytics market shares. By comparison, smoke iPhone 5s 0.9% up on sales after the first weekend, while the two iPhone 6 and 6 Plus-models, taken together, topped with respectively 2% and 0.3%.

Last year, when there were only minor news in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, fell figures something and sounded only at respectively 1% and 0.3%. In other words, there is a very small connection from new customers to the small 4 “iPhone who may already see themselves well satisfied with the slightly larger screen format on 4.7” and 5.5 “in the latest iPhones despite the sharp pricethat Apple leads on the iPhone VIEW.

Otherwise it goes something better with the new iPad Pro, which was launched at the same event as the iPhone VIEW. 50 million. ipads have been investigated, and here draws a picture of that it sells just as well in first weekend as the big iPad Pro and iPad Air 2. Here sounds the market shares for the three products first sales weekend as follows:

  • iPad Air 2: 0.4%
  • iPad Pro: 0.3%
  • iPad Pro (9.7 “): 0.4%

In such studies, however, it is worth taking into account, to Apple for every time new iPhones and iPads launches in theory gets harder and harder to achieve the same high market share after a weekend as in the past, when of course it must be presumed that there will be more and more iPhones in the market from year to year. In other words, it requires a higher sale to achieve the same percentage market share today than years ago.