LG G5s Metal Body Is Covered by Plastic

LG G5 has according to LG themselves a “pure metal body” with “a smooth metal surface”, but now it turns out that the metal back and sides are covered with two layers of plastic.

LG has in the official press release marketed G5-the top model as being “encased in a sleek, clean metal body” with “a smooth metal surface”. It turns out now, maybe to be a truth with modifications, after YouTube user JerryRig Everything has got his fingers in LG G5 and exposed it to its usual tests.

LG G5s Metal Body Is Covered by Plastic

During his scratch test with a hobby knife in the back, he was, however, something of a surprise, as it turns out, that indeed has a G5 LG metal body, but hardly in the form of a “pure metal body”. The metal is covered with-not just one-but the whole two layers of plastic.

The top layer-so it you will notice during use-is a thin layer of plastic in one of the four colors of titanium, gold, silver, and pink. Under the colored layer of plastic, you will find an even thicker layer of gray plastic. During these first two layers, the metal skeleton, which is marketed in LG’s press release, whereas nothing is mentioned about the outer plastic.

Reviewer: Metal back feels like plastic

For more it may not come as a great surprise, since there are already more first impressions and reviews finding released since the publication of the phone, which criticises what it thought was a metal design.

The website Trusted Reviews writes: “LG makes with LG G5 a big deal out of its switch to a metal body instead of the plastic in the LG G4. It feels, however, not at all like any other metal phone I’ve used. It has a strange coating that feels more like plastic than advertised “microdized” metal.

Also the website Techno Buffalo’s Todd Haselton is skeptical of metal design, where “it feels better in the hand than G4. In spite of its metal body feels the still relatively cheap compared to other more premium devices such as Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge. In fact, it feels almost like plastic or metal plated plastic. “

Last but not least, there are Pocket-lintwhere it in the review reads:
“In addition, the look and feel G5’erens metal back in one way or another – and we are bewildered over how – completely as plastic; average towards the bottom as a result of the modular design looks strange;and the back is probably the least attractive side of the Moon, we’ve seen on a flagship for years. “

For many, however, also has defense LGs expressed satisfaction over the performance and in relation to how the surface looks and feels. This does not, however, that LG G5 does not have a “clean metal body” and “a metal surface”, as Legalarmist is claiming otherwise.

LG: Hidden antennas is causing the plastic on metal

Some hours after the story broke out turned back with a comment to the LG website Android Authority. Here reads the legend that hiding hidden antennas on top of the metal body, to which the outer finish, therefore, is made of plastic, which signals can penetrate.

“The isolated antenna is invisibly integrated into the body without disturbing the perfect appearance in metalunibody-construction,” says a spokesperson from LG. It interpret the website as it probably only relates to a small area at the back where there are insulated with plastic on top of the antennas, placed above the metal body.

The explanation is buying the man behind YouTube channel, JerryRig Everything, however, is not. After reading the terse explanation, as LG’s Android Authority is awaiting clarification on, demonstrated JerryRigs Everything in small gallery divided into a comment on Redditthat it is all over the back and sides, which are covered by the two layers of plastic. “The problem”, if you will, is not just isolated to a small area where antennas are located, but all metal body surface.