LG: Such Is the LG G5s Verso Manufactured

LG responds to criticism over the back on the top model G5, as in the videos were judged to be covered with plastic.

There has in the last few days been doubt about whether LGs words in connection with the announcement of the top model LG G5 materialized, according to several reviewers indicated that it felt like plastic and that turned out to be quite a thick layer of what at the time was believed to be plastic.

Now LG has responded to the doubts and criticism, which partly came from both the YouTube user JerryRig Everything, who scraped through metal body two extra layers, and YouTube user Erica Griffin, whoscoffed at some visible lines, where the antennas are hidden.

In addition to LG has explained himself and deepened how back at G5 is produced in a press release, the mobile site has also received a clarification from LGs headquarters, who writes:

“After LG G5s metal body is done properly ready, applied a layer of primer to the metal to provide extra insulation and improve the surface profile to the” microdizing “process. Grunderen must be thick enough to smooth it with the insulated aerial, which is affixed directly on the aluminum. By microdizing placed on the small metal gennemtrængte pigments at grunderen to give a smooth, perfect, natural finish. Finally, a clear layer of pigment bound to the pigment for extra durability and protection “.

There is therefore no question of decidedly plastic as stated earlier, but a layer of primer on 0.15 mm, according to LG is thick enough so that the thin antennae can sleep on metal back without being seen.Eventually applied so the final color with LG’s microdizing technology.

It means, therefore, that LG G5 indeed has a metal body, as was made clear in the Mobile page’s original article, which certainly also need to get the modular bottom not to give themselves. The thicker layer ponders than normally followed by the colored paint will hardly give the same sensation on the back as a normal thin layer of primer and color as many other smartphones.

LG precision, that there is talk about ponders and not plastic, alters, however, do not know that LG will continue moving in a gray area, when the producer writes that it has “a smooth metal surface” in the press release when there is such a thick layer of primer and paint that practically removes all sense of metal. In a discussion between LGs Ken Hong and JerryRigEverythings viewers of the video can be seen, however, there is also a difference in what people perceive to be a smartphone made of metal and it may very well be what lies at the root of all the criticism, when LG so clearly placing the metal body.