Money Back in Taxes? Get the Best Mobile Deals Here

The tax office has given you money return, is a mobile-shopping saved. Get our best estimate of Pocket electronics into spring here.

The tax office has been good to you this year and given you a slightly larger available funds this month? If Yes, then it’s perhaps time and see whether not the home-electronics must be overhauled.

Spring and warmer weather is pouring while over country-therefore collects our site here our best estimate of good mobile purchases you can spend your tax dollars on.

Google Chromecast 2 – 320 kr.

Must ground the altar be smarter? Or would you like to transform a carried out at the computer screen to a tv for the kitchen or family room? So is Chromecast 2 solution.

Chromecast is an inexpensive way to transform any screen to a streaming-ready smart TV. Control takes place via your Android or iOS device and takes no more than a few minutes to set up.


Harman Kardon Esquire mini-550 kr.

We know them all, the phone audio is lame. What about why to get you an Esquire mini speaker from Harman Kardon? It takes up no more than a velpostret draw boy, it delivers decent sound in relation to the size and it can also charge your smartphone on the go.

The price is at the same time, decreased considerably since had fingers in it to test. A good buy.

Jabra Sole mate Max-990 kr.

It stands at barbecues, garden parties and similar activities here in early summer you must have something that can play more up than a Pocket speaker.

Here you should take an extra look at Jabra’s rugged Sole mate Max. It combines a rugged exterior that does not fear the truth or splashing water, with a basglad Dolby sound for both indoor and outdoor use.

With 14 hours of play time should gadefesten be home. Seen at the Proshop for 993.0-NOK.


Motorola Moto G 3rd gen-from DKK 1160

Are you looking for an inexpensive smartphone that is both reliable, waterproof and as takes good pictures is the third generation of Motorola’s Moto (G) hard to beat.

It will not win any spec war, but it is strong where it counts, with a good battery a capable camera and a price tag that flirts with the a thousand crowns.

LG Nexus 5 x – from 2080 kr.

It doesn’t have to cost many thousands of dollars to have a modern, high-performance smartphone. With LG’s Nexus 5 x you get: the best of Google’s unspoiled Android, a powerful processor, as well as an excellent camera.

Nexus 5 x offers at the same time on genuine high-end features such as such as laser focus, fingerprint reader and trusted software upgrades.

A drastic fall in prices since the launch in november makes this a no-brainer in price rented.


Apple iPad mini 4 – from 2,860 kr.

Apple’s smallest and cheapest tablet is popular on the editorial team – not because it is the fastest or the strongest, but because it combines a stunning display with good performance in a lightweight and elegant exterior.

With a debut price of less than 3,000 DKK is the at the same time, substantially more accessible than Apple’s newer iPads which today costs nearly doubled.

Apple iPhone 6S – from 4890 kr.

Denmark’s most popular smartphone is still an excellent buy. The design is stronger than ever, the service is top notch and features such as 3D-Touch and 4 k editing helps to future-proof the popular Apple mobile.

Since its launch, the price smoked around thousand dollars down – and therefore you get a significant discount if you are spending your tax dollars on Apple’s latest darling.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge-6190 kr.

You must have the ultimate in mobile world today is the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge you need to take a closer look at. In this phone has South Koreans squeezed everything what today can be pastured by functions and features in an extremely refined chassis of curved glass and metal.

For example, what do you say to a waterproof smartphone with record battery, top-performance and the best mobile camera to date?

It sounds enticing, you should take a look at our anmeldese here and see if not Galaxy S7 is something for you.