Overview: Apple Launches New iPhone and iPad Pro, SEE New Samsung S7 on His Way

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

Apple races with most headlines ahead of Easter with the launch of two new entities: the relatively inexpensive and extremely compact iPhone VIEW as well as the advanced iPad Pro 6.0.

Overview Apple Launches New iPhone and iPad Pro, SEE New Samsung S7 on His Way

Apple iPhone VIEW-a powerful mini-iPhone
Apple launches iPhone VIEW: a compact version of iPhone 6S-to a sharp price.

iPhone and iPad Pro-SEE event: Here are all the news
Apple has this evening not only launched a new small iPhone look at 4 “, but also a smaller iPad Pro and new accessories for Apple Watch.

Apple iPhone VIEW: Danish price and availability
Apple launches its cheapest iPhone ever with the small iPhone VIEW. Few price here and see when you can order it.

New iPad will be more expensive-here is the Danish prices
Apple’s popular iPad will be more expensive in its 9.7 inch Pro Edition. See the new iPad-prices here.

Apple iPhone VIEW-technical specifications
One can easily believe that the iPhone is an iPhone in a 5S-6S chassis. But there are some significant differences according to Growtheology.com.

Comparison: iPhone VIEW vs iPhone and iPhone 5s 6s
iPhone VIEW has the exterior from iPhone 5s and 6s, the internal from the iPhone but on what is different with the one more accurately? You can see in this comparison.

With the launch of new devices, follows an update of Apple iOS software to version 9.3. Read about the most important news, including the new Voice over WiFi function, below:

Huge update in the iOS 9.3-download now
Apple’s latest software update, iOS 9.3, is rich in features and exciting features. View them here.

Now supports 3 voice and SMS over Wi-Fi
Are you a Telecom customer with 3, you can now call and Texting over the wireless network and get rid of the weak cell coverage.

With the rival Android manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC is flourishing now rumors of new stronger units to convince mobile buyers.

Samsung Galaxy S7 on his way in a hardy Active-variant
If it was up to the well informed Twitter tipster, evleaks, Samsung is now in full swing with that test a hardy Active-variant of the Galaxy S7.

Twitter tipster: HTC 10 gets bigger battery
Twitter-lækkeren EVLeaks releasing two new information about HTC 10 flag ship out: the battery will be larger and the screen gets new technology.

HTC 10-top model launched on 12 October. April
HTC invites you to the launch of the long awaited HTC 10-top model in three weeks ‘ time. You can therefore well put mark your calendar April 12. April.


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