Overview: Samsung S7 and LG G5 Soon Ready, Apple At Odds with the FBI

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

The countdown to this year’s big event for Samsung and LG runs out soon. For just a few hours will the South Korean mobile manufacturers namely introduces their respective top models for 2016: Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5.

Overview Samsung S7 and LG G5 Soon Ready, Apple At Odds with the FBI

Below you can see what we have in store:

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge: This can you expect
Get here a complete overview of all the rumors that have been going around about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge ahead of Mobile World Congress 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 revealed in leaked commercials
A leaked commercials from Samsung shows the long-awaited Galaxy S7. The film confirms that top model gets Wireless charging and are water resistant.

New pictures of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge reveals three colors
Contemporary press photos of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge reveals that it comes in three different colors: Black, silver and gold.

Official video: Samsung Galaxy S7 is waterproof and Hardy
A teaser-video from Samsung gives a hint with a trolley pole to Samsung Galaxy S7 will tolerate both shock and water.

LG G5: here’s everything we know before launching
With Mobile World Congress just around the corner we gather now up on the last few months rumors about LG G5 and gives a full overview of what we think we know.

LG G5 get hi-fi sound from Danish B & O PLAY
In LG G5 will focus on sound quality and experience, but as something new through a collaboration with Bang & Olufsen subbrand, B & O Play.

First price on LG G5 is let out
An unofficial price on LG’s G5-flagship is let out in one of Dubai’s shopping.

In the Apple camp has Tim Cook, in the wake of the drastic demands from the US authorities, wrote a rare open letter to Apple’s customers, and the American public.

Open letter from Apple: we refuse to hack our iPhones
Requirements from the federal police forces Tim Cook to ink the House. ‘ We refuse to create a backdoor for iOS devices ‘ sounds from the Apple-head.

Google supports the Apple in krypteringssag
Google’s Sundar Pichai, hills, ceo Apple up in their decision not to create a backdoor to the United States authorities.

Among the week’s other important news is the launch of a delicious budget phone from Microsoft, an extremely hardy smartphone from CAT, while Indian Freeview launched the world’s ultimate cheapest smartphone.

Microsoft Lumia 650 launched: stylish budget-smartphone
With Lumia 650 puts Microsoft up into a stylish smartphone in sumptuous materials at low cost.

CAT S60 smart phone which tolerate beatings and see in the dark
CAT S60 lives up to its craft roots by that stand to be lost from 2 metres in height and by bidding on an infrared camera.

Indian smartphone is the world’s cheapest. Price: 25 SEK
Freedom 251 can call themselves for world’s cheapest smartphone with its price at just 25 dollars.Surprisingly enough, it is not entirely ubruglig.

The week’s testing and reviews

Lenovo Yoga 900-A laptop with a twist [TEST]
Review: Lenovo Yoga 900 will be versatile. In addition to being portable bijobber the fact that tablet.