Plenti Raises Data Ceiling on Free Data

The phone company does not in terms so you now Plenti gets more data to the free data package. Complicated? Read the explanation here.

Plenti Raises Data Ceiling on Free Data

Nærlæste you the fine print, however, it became clear that not everything was inclusive. Data sharing, also known as tethering, was not free. Here sounded restriction on 5 GB per month.Earlier this month got Denmark’s newest mobile company Plenti, debut. For differ from the amount of telecommunications subscriptions and their numerous voice and data packages, the company itself turns on a single concept: free data, free speech and free text messages and a wide entertainment package with, among other magazines, books, journals, Tivoli-tours and newspapers: 199 kroner per month and everything is inclusive.

The restriction has attracted criticism, for totally free is not data, while some mobile apps data usage can be misinterpreted as being data sharing.

The fact dishes Plenti partially up, quadruple the data limit to 20 GB per month from the 1. paril. It writes the company on their Facebook page.

Plenti: we are not a broadband company

Plenti will therefore continue to restrict certain types of data consumption on their free data package. The restriction is justified by the company is a mobile company, not a broadband company. That is why the data fro on the cell phone, but limited when it is shared.

At the same time, advises users to to avail themselves of the home’s WiFi connection when magazines, e-books or audio books to download on another device which our site the tablet.