Reviewers Verdict: Apple iPhone VIEW is Small and Genial

Seen from the outside, there is not much new in Apple’s latest iPhone VIEW, yet sounds mostly praise from the foreign tech-media.

An excellent wine in old bottles-this is the judgment of several American media, prior to the iPhone VIEW launch in the first international markets, including the iPhone’s home country, the United States.

Reviewers Verdict Apple iPhone VIEW is Small and Genial
Wired: Incredible battery
With Wired down price on iPhone Se compact dimensions, where reviewer David Pierce points out that it is not all that is bigger is better, here he dazzled the long operating time as the little iPhone delivers. Size puts limitations, however, its locations and here highlighted that, for example, movies and VR will disappoint on the small display.

Time: Perfect compact size
More positive is the tune with American HOURwhere tester Lis Eadicicco exults over what she thinks is the perfect compact smartphone. It inherits the same good camera performance and features from iPhone 6S, but for a lesser price in a neat format.

CNET: A little marvel
CNET sprinkles four out of five possible stars over the iPhone VIEW under the heading ‘a little prodigy’. Here stresses reviewer Scott Stein, to Apple here finally delivers a good upgrade for the mobile users who prefer small smartphones.

The Verge: feels like an iPhone 5S. Sentence.
Lauren Goode at news site The Verge bite mark in that the design has not budged a millimetre in relation to the aging iPhone 5S. But she is delighted at the performance and operating life which belongs to in first class and the reasonable price.

Wall Street Journal: Small and awake
After a year in phablettens characters, am WSJ-reviewer Geoffrey Fowler that now focuses on the smaller sizes. Here he is glad that again is a contemporary alternative to modern smartphones in a format which has long been ignored.

Battery: super, 16 GB: never mind

Common for reviewers is an excitement about battery run time, as described as everything from being excellent, great for ‘ shockingly well ‘.

A common criticism of critics, however, are the least expensive variants of storage space. 16 GB leaves not much room for movies, photos and applications – a sin of omission, mean reviewers from among other things, TIME, Wired and The Verge.