Revolutionary New App: Get Healthy with CrackTrack

App CrackTrack turns up and down the way you monitor your health. Now you can measure your temperature on the go.

Training, step or pulse-the smart phone is an excellent Assistant when there must be kept track of their health.

A significant health value, however, has long been missing, to give the full picture of your state of health: body temperature.

Revolutionary New App Get Healthy with CrackTrack

Is there a little fever on the way? Overheats you during exercise? Or would you just like to be able to monitor how your body temperature evolves? So is CrackTrack app for you.

How it works CrackTrack

With the extremely simple to get CrackTrack is measured his body temperature, as the app is called your Crack-numbers.

CrackTrack uses tried and tested methods that have been used in the healthcare industry through the last century. Smartphone Thermo sensor is placed between the gluteus-muscle, also known as the buttocks, according to which the measurement is started.

You want the highest possible precision, the phone temperature sensitive surfaces are pressed against the hudfladerne as hard as possible. Your smartphones Thermo sensor will typically be located around the phone’s mikrofonhul.

To increase comfort, the app will get your phone to vibrate during the five minutes as the measurement items.

Your temperature is now saved on your CrackTrack account, from which you can monitor it or share it on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or CrackTracks own network.

CrackTrack is available for both smartphones and tablets with iOS, Android or Windows Phone.