Rumor: Google Working on Its Own Keyboard for iPhones

Google is on track with its own keyboard for iPhones so that users who prefer iOS, also might get some of Google’s goods at your fingertips.

Since iOS 8, it has been possible to change Apple’s standard keyboard out with other keyboards, SwiftKey and Fleksy. Now it is reported that Google will offer an alternative keyboard for iOS users. It writes The Verge.

Rumor Google Working on Its Own Keyboard for iPhones

Google has for years had his own keyboard for Android, but most manufacturers of Android smartphones, however, chose to put his own in as the default keyboard. Therefore, it is probably not nearly as many who benefit from Google-the keyboard functions, like Google any time so.

Therefore can support on iOS platform will probably give good sense, as it simply must be published as an app in the App Store. It as Google’s keyboard will Excel with is the ability to swipe the words instead of tapping each letter. By pressing the keyboard’s Google logo should have easy access to a Google search, just as there will be easy browsing of images and GIF animations-of course also with Google’s own search engine to promote the number of iOS-searches.

According to the rumor from The Verge has already been in use the keyboard with Google’s employees for several months, but Google refused to comment on the rumor, and it is known therefore do not know if and when a launch of Google-keyboard to the iOS will take place.