Rumor: iPhone Gets the AMOLED Screen and Glass back Next Year

The entire portfolio of iPhones next year get big design changes with glass on the back. A new model also comes with a 5.8 “AMOLED display, sounds new rumor.

There is even a half a year, Apple is releasing this year’s iPhone 7-news around the month of september. Still flourishing there lots of rumors about upcoming generations of iPhones, which are even further out in the future.

Rumor iPhone Gets the AMOLED Screen and Glass back Next Year

It is, among other things, the well-known Apple analyst from KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been out with several rumors, and today he presents yet another in a memo. It writes the site 9to5mac.

Rumor from Ming-Chi Kuo goes to Apple next year-probably next september to give all iPhone series a proper overhaul. One of the bigger news is that Apple already takes AMOLED screen technology in use in 2017 and not 2018, that very same person had predicted earlier.

Amoled screen technology has already been in use for Samsung smartphones for several years and is also used partially, among many other manufacturers. They are distinguished with very saturated colors, which also actually is black and not black dark grey. At the same time, also other good properties, our site AMOLED. that Panel is flexible and that individual pixels can be switched off to save power on, for example, a black lock screen.

Glass back returns in a iPhone 4-like design

With iPhone 4, 4s, 5s and 5 now iPhone VIEW, Apple has used glass for both front and back, which are kept together by a solid metal frame between the two glass surfaces. In the iPhone 5, 5s, and 6s 6 Apple has, however, changed over to a frame and rear panel made of a single piece of aluminum.

Now it is reported, however, that Apple goes back to a design that will recall the iPhone 4-design with glass on the entire back. Apple should also have made consideration of plastic and ceramics backs, but the choice has fallen on the glass, since “plastic does not offer designs with a thin and light form factor, and it will be difficult to accurately control the resistance of ceramics”.

In addition to glass design causes the rest of the design is also a redesign, as the edges around the screen will be diminished significantly, just as there comes curved glass on front and back. Whether it is the same 2.5 D-glass as in the current iPhones or more curved as in Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, is somewhat unclear.

The smaller screen edges will at least make it possible for Apple to push a screen down on 5.8 “and at the same time, make your phone’s dimensions are smaller than the current iPhone 6s Plus with a 5.5” screen.5.8 “model can come to replace the current 5.5” Plus-model, but it assumes that Apple can get enough AMOLED screens, sounds it.

It suggests therefore that this 5.8 “big iPhone with AMOLED will be a complement to the existing lineup of iPhones on 4.7” and 5.5 “, which continues to use the IPS-LCD screens. However, in all probability follows the design changes with all the models, although it is not yet apparent.

Get wireless charging and biometric scanner

As if it wasn’t going to be enough Apple-analyst is also quite convinced that the new iPhone will be equipped with Wireless charging. There was supposed to be talking about a technology that works over a long distance, which is also consistent with an earlier rumor from Bloomberg. Here it seems that Apple is about to develop its own wireless technology that just works over a distance of 1 meter.

Last but not least, it is reported that next year’s iPhone will be equipped with a biometric sensor that either will be able to scan your iris (Rainbow cornea of the eye) or your face as an alternative to Touch ID fingerprint reader.