Rumor: Sony Will Make Super-PlayStation 4 with 4 K-Forces

A new Playstation will be able to draw both Virtual Reality and 4 k, it sounds from the U.S. Wall Street Journal.

4 k-television and Virtual Reality will be torrid sales prospects in 2016. In VR-box are both Sony, Oculus and HTC ready with solutions all of which will debut sometime during the year.

Rumor Sony Will Make Super-PlayStation 4 with 4 K-Forces

Both technologies require, however, that the hardware can keep up with, 4 k is a udfrodring qua the firedoblede resolution in relation to Full HD, and VR requires high refresh rates to avoid seasickness and genes during games.

As a response to the demand, Sony is planning, according to the Wall Street Journal, to publish a more powerful variant of their Playstation 4 console-a version with the muscles enough to cope with both 4 k and VR.

Coming this autumn

When the new Playstation is not specifically, but WSJ sources pointing to a launch ahead of the planned launch of Playstation VR in October.

The newspaper’s announcement strengthens ongoing rumors about a possible Playstation 4.5, but as with all rumors, these must be eaten with a grain of salt.

With console competitor Microsoft rumored there also about a possible update to the Xbox One. At the beginning of March heralded Xbox boss Phil Spencer about a future with modular hardware where Xbox users can upgrade their consoles as needed.