Smartwatches Is Now Selling Better Than Swiss Watches

The constant increase in the number of sold smartwatches means that sales for the first time exceed the number of classic, Swiss watches.

Smartwatches wins the constant attempt to fit in more and more consumers everyday, and it goes beyond the traditional urindustri led by the many iconic Swiss watches.

Smartwatches Is Now Selling Better Than Swiss Watches

The turnaround in sales of smartwatches means that for the first time sold more cool watches than Swiss watches. It is clear from the new figures from Strategy Analytics analysis Institute, where in 4. quarter of 2015 was sold 8.1 million. smartwatches.

Compared to the same period the year before, this is a huge growth on 316%, and so it goes for a sale that just surpasses the sales of Swiss watches with a sale on 7.9 million. Bill of materials. At the same time, there was a decrease of 5% for the sale of the traditional watches, and it may be a good explanation.

“Industry of the Swiss watches have been very slow to respond to the development of smartwatches. The industry has stuck its head in the sand and hoped that smartwatches would disappear, “ says Director of Analytics,

That is how it is, as you know, is not gone. One of the Swiss urproducenter, however, has taken the competition to them. It is TAG Heuer, which last november launched the Agency “Connected”. Here the combined Swiss clock designs with Google’s Android Wear-software. Price: 10,000 kroner.

It is therefore in no way TAG Heuer, which contribute to the prosperity of smartwatches with a market share of only 1%. It is-not surprisingly-Apple, who with Apple Watch stands for the entire 63% of sales, while Samsung may settle for 16%.