Telia Offers Free Voice and Data in 12 New Countries

Now offer Telia free data, voice and SMS in 12 new European countries with Roam Like Home package.

Holiday and work travel is just a little simpler when one is not dependent on the hotel or Café’s WiFi. Are you a customer of Telia, Telia’s Roam Like Home you can link to your subscription package and thereby release to depend on the local WiFi oases.

“We want to break down the geographic boundaries for how we use our mobile phone and tablet. Our latest survey shows that 64% of Danes often or always completely turn off data roaming off when they travel in Europe and thus prevents it from being able to find their way to the recommended restaurant via your phone, turn off the local sights up on the net or fx parts pictures on Facebook. In any case, it requires only that they find a local place with wifi, and it there is not much freedom, “says Christoph N, residential Director of Telia.

The package is not new, but it now includes almost 50 percent more countries in Europe. Now you can stream, Texting or speak freely in 12 new countries with Roam Like Home. Bulgaria, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Croatia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary to the 25 countries in which Roam Like Home is available.

Roam Like Home could so far be used in Sweden, Germany, Norway, Spain, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Austria, Greece, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Estonia, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco and San Marino.

The service costs 99 SEK/month or can be added, for a limited period of time, together with Telia’s 4Sure subscriptions that include free speech and text. Prices start at 149 euros per month for 4 GB of data.

Works only in Europe

Telia’s expatriation package covers, as opposed to competing offers from, only European countries. It is an active opt-out based on the Danish rejsmønstre.

“Although countries such as the United States, Turkey and Thailand are attractive destinations, then we can look at our own numbers in the network and figures from Statistics Denmark, the vast majority of Danes do not travel so far away. That’s why we’ve concentrated on that include European countries, so we are following the Danes ‘ travel patterns and make our offer as relevant as possible. With the addition of the 12 new countries, customers can now take advantage of the cell phone in 37 countries and enjoy the holidays in e.g. Prague, Budapest or one of Croatia’s many popular holiday destinations without having to worry about extra bills, “says Christoph N.