The FBI Cannot Open the Newer iPhones Than 5 c

The FBI finally got access to terrorists iPhone 5 c by purchasing a special tool, but it does not work with newer iPhones such as iPhone 5s and 6s.

Apple gave it to the FBI, which is required to access an iPhone 5 c belonging to one of the terrorists behind the San Bernardino-attacked last year. Thus, the federal police provide access by other routes.

For CNN Money informs FBI Director James Comey, instead bought a tool from the third party that has been able to open up for terroristens iPhone 5 c.

“The trial between the State and the Apple about San Bernardino-phone is completed, because the State has purchased, from a private party, a solution to get into the 5 c-phone with iOS 9.0″ he says to the page.

The FBI, however, cannot gain access to sensitive personal and private data on all iPhone models, which can save on evidence in future cases. Comey acknowledges, in fact, that this tool, which is not described in detail, does not work with newer iPhones. The intention has only been getting access to terroristens iPhone 5 c in this case.

“We tell it to Apple. Then they will correct it, and then we’re back to where we started. We might end up there-we just haven’t decided yet “, says FBI Director.

It bought tool works only on “a small number of phones”, which, according to CNN Money will say that it neither works with iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPhone 6s/6s Plus. As the owner of a newer iPhone than 5 c can you so enjoy that the FBI has not yet managed to gain access to the encrypted data.