THEME: FBI Cracker the iPhone Should You Be Nervous?

It has managed the US federal police force, to get access to the terrorist Syed Rizwan Farooks iPhone 5 c.

The Federal Police, the FBI, has for some time tried to force Apple to assist with the opening of an iPhone 5 c, belonging to the terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook.

THEME FBI Cracker the iPhone Should You Be Nervous

Farook killed 14 and wounded 22 persons seriously when he the 2. December 2015, same with his wife Tashfeen Malik, shot wildly around him at an event in San Bernardino, California.

Since then, the FBI tried to get access to terroristens phone. This is done by going to court, to force Apple to open the phone.

Apple has protested in the strongest terms and refused to open the phone, with regard to the protection of users’ privacy.

Recently the FBI pulled out unexpectedly from the courtroom, but not because they had given up trying to get access to the phone. On the contrary, had the FBI teamed up with an unknown party that supposedly could gain access to the locked phone.

Tuesday we got as an official statement from the FBI informing that they have successfully gained access to your phone without help from Apple.

Now it is time for all conspiracy theorists tækker silver paper Hat well down on the ears, and considering how the FBI has gained access to Farooks iPhone 5 c, and what impact it will have for all others who have acquired an Apple phone.

The FBI can now seamlessly unlock all iPhones up? Not necessarily, because there are still many variants of operating system iOS, and telecommunications ‘ mechanisms do not work the same on all models.

According to the BBC, scientists at IOActive, a bid for a cybersikkerhedsfirmaet method to access the phone’s data.

The method is to manipulate the device’s memory chip with acid and laser, so that ID information from the phone can be read. This information can be used to break the phone code, without activating the mechanism, which lengthens the time between each attempt to enter a new password.

If this method is used to obtain any Farooks phone, this is a very risky indgrab, which can easily result in loss of data. Why would such an approach be applied only in very serious cases.

Apple, however, has already announced that they will do everything that is possible for them to clarify how the FBI has obtained access, so Apple can get shut any security flaws in their systems.

What do you think? Must we believe in Apple and FBI? Or can we safely take silver paper hats off?