This Clock Calculator Casio Has Better Reviews on Amazon

Mad Max, Jurassic Park, Terminator, Poltergeist… cinema Billboard almost leads me to think that I’m going back to my childhood. Retro is more fashionable than ever, and when road down the street listening to David Hasselhoff singing True Survivor (from the soundtrack of Kung Fury) is my iPhone into the Pocket and not what would have been my Walkman out of it the only thing that reminds me that we follow in 2015.

And Amazon doesn’t help. The curiosity of the week was the lead guest reviews of this watch Casio CA53W and other similar models, with health more than enviable to have been the latest sensation in the 80s, and a legion of fans behind him that seem willing to make it clear that they have nothing to envy the Apple smart clock.

Some of the comments that can be read between their reviews:

“My husband wanted an Apple Watch. I thought it was stupid and expensive. I told him that Apple Watch is just like this watch. Surprisingly he liked and now carries it on her wrist. It works really well.”
“Better than the Apple Watch! “This watch has four definitive apps: time, alarm, timer and calculator.”
“Mola more than Apple Watch. I got someone to ask whether it was an Apple Watch. I said, ‘No, it’s a classic, a calculator watch from the 80’. He said, ‘This is even better!’. Of course, it is.”

The only complaint that the buyers seem to have with the CA53W is that it lacks retro illuminated screen and is water resistant but not submersible. To change, with a button battery can run for two years and for the more patriotic, there are units Made in the USA, something that Apple Watch can not definitely brag.