Tim Cook, the Other “Saviour” of Apple

Today met five years from the beginning of the era Tim Cook, the seventh CEO of Apple history. Although Cook was temporarily in this position for two medical absences of Steve Jobs (in 2004 and 2009), it was not until August 24, 2011 who took up the post permanently. Now is the time of look back and see how these 1,827 days under his rule have been. 

“I always thought that Steve would recover is”

The worst day of my life was the day that [Steve Jobs] died. Simply, really, I had convinced myself. I know that at this point it sounds absurd, but had convinced me that it recover, because he had always done- Tim Cook, in an interview with the Washington Post.

On other occasions, Tim Cook mentioned the death of Jobs was unexpected for him. His two previous episodes as temporary CEO of Apple had been by a low medical Jobs. And it had always returned. At the time, Cook was Vice President of operations or chief operating officer of Apple, the Executive in charge of the “machinery” inside of Apple.

This position was especially important during the first years of the return of Steve Jobs in the late 1990s. Apple was a few weeks from bankruptcy and needed new products that give back to the company. With urgency, or Apple he would not live to tell the tale. Those products arrived. The first iMac, the iPod then.

But what there is not, perhaps because the story is less sexy and visible for the technology enthusiast, is that all this would not have been possible without Cook. Upon his return, Jobs wanted someone who would create a supply chain as efficient as that Michael Dell had built for your company. Hired to Cook for his experience in Compaq last and immediately set to work.

Tim Cook is the other “Savior” of Apple, a person who was able to streamline and grease the inner workings of the company

According to Cook, “the inventory is evil.” As it is often said, to maintain a product stored on a shelf it costs money. In electronics, even more. At that time, it closed the factories owned by Apple for being inefficient. You searched for manufacturers under contract to make the products. And it forced them to settle close to the amenities of Apple. In this way, Cook was able to reduce the inventory, first of a month to six days, and after those six days just two.

On 5 October 2011, Jobs died from cancer he suffered. One of his last advice to Cook was:

You never wonder what I would have done. Get just the right thing.

according to INVESTTOPS.COM,Tim Cook described it as the best advice that could have given him Jobs. It eliminated the huge burden that came with office and prepared for the challenges of the future.

The five years of the age Cook

In recent months it has been questioning leadership of Cook, to the point that some investors call for his resignation. Therefore the fall is used in the company’s stock market value and the “bad” financial results. But becomes a form of short-term, typical of Wall Street. The upper graph shows how has been the evolution of AAPL, other company Apple, in these five years. 52 to nearly 110 dollars. More than twice. And in all this time, Apple has generated almost 1 trillion (1 million million) dollars.

But that does not tell us the numbers is the history that we have Apple products. In these five years, we have seen how came further than ever before. Since the power of the 6s and 6s Plus iPhone A9 chip (even beating out the new Note 7), to the iPad Pro. The evolution of iOS to maturity of its tenth version. The entry in the category of smart watches with Apple Watch.

The day that Apple TV stopped being a hobby. The MacBook with the most advanced vision of history. The emergence of Apple News. The huge leap that Apple Maps has experienced in recent years. The long path of Siri to be multiplatform.

Cook is in charge put the necessary resources so that the machine not only continue rolling but can grow and confront the challenges of the future

And other not so popular but equally significant milestones. As the entry of Apple in something as important as health. The firm defense of encryption devices we use people standing. The push toward clean energy and pollution. The endless search for more responsible working conditions in all its suppliers.

At this time, there have also been site for errors. The debacle of Apple Maps as a result of a battle of giants. The confusing design of Apple Music that precipitated its redesign in a year. The change of focus from Apple Watch with watchOS 3. And, of course, the fall in sales of the iPhone.

Despite this, in these five years one thing is clear: Apple continues to advance without fear in those areas in which it can make a significant contribution. Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs. But a man of intuition, someone whose main function is to provide Apple resources to confront the challenges that Apple can make a difference. And along the way we’ll be fans of technology and the company, enjoying every step.