All Over the World Use Wi-Fi Hotspots: Skype WiFi App for the iPhone

Skype WiFi (formerly Skype access) is now also available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch available (System requirements: iOS 4.1 or higher with multitasking function). The app is available for free on the app store to download. It allows to go at hotspots around the world over a million online and pay with Skype credit. Hotspots are located, where frequent travelers come by: in hotels, at airports, railway stations, in Congress and exhibition centres, Caf├ęs, bars or restaurants. The advantage of Skype WiFi is that you pay only for the minutes you consume. It is not necessary to buy a minute or hour package. The price per minute depends on the respective Hotspot operators and starts at five cents per minute. A data transfer limit there is not.
Free download: Skype WiFi app store

So it works to use Skype WiFi, you need a Skype account with credit. The creation of the accounts as well as the acquisition of credit works only on the Skype Web site in the browser. Also you must be in a place, where Skype WiFi is available. Then, download the Skype WiFi app from the app store down and log on by using your Skype account. Click on the Connect button will take you to the Internet. The occupancy costs are deducted from your Skype credit balance.

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on Sunday, the 21st of August, you can from one o’clock in the morning until the following day at 00:59 the app free for four calls trial (maximum of 15 minutes per dialing). The ability to pay for hotspots, with his Skype credit there is also outside of the app: for you must be with a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop in the vicinity of a hotspot and have installed the latest version of the program. Skype reports the hotspot, connect and surf easily, as long as you have funds last. (vk)