Colored framgangslur

Updated music features and Instant Messenger chat built right from the start. But the most eye-catching is probably still all colors that adorn the LG U890.

Although Sony Ericsson and Nokia are big on the Swedish market, LG’s slim 3 g mobile phone a large space. Not that it takes much space but to many secure is synonymous with 3 g after all the commercials where it had the lead role. Because of the exposure it may feel as if the phone been around for a while. When U880 now been around for eight months is replaced by sequel U890. Since November last year when its predecessor made the admission has design and especially the color of mobiles has become even more important. It sees from other manufacturers, it turns out in the stores ‘ sales lists, and it is clearly visible on the LG U890. If the colors are the most distinctive is the thickness it distinguishes U890 and its predecessor. This has happened a lot of competitors and U890 is not as unique in its shape as its predecessor u880 was when it came.

Because there are only Three U890 operator follows a lot of services linked to the operator with the LG U890 thought that safe. profiling as a music phone, even more so than it did with its predecessor are now being launched by Three instead of as a IM mobile. The reason is simply that the launch coincides with the Tres launch of Messenger service and subscription. Previously, the Three supplied U880 with its own music player 3Player and now the program is joined by Messenger.

Although it is a good machine U890 music, mainly thanks to Tres own music player. To listen to the music, one can use the included wired headset, but it is also possible to use a wireless headset and get stereo sound. It is a result of U890 equipped with profile for bluetooth stereo, a welcome novelty, even if the number of stereo headset so far is correct.

Camera 1.3 megapixel U890 is on and rarely completely satisfactory. To be irritated easily over to the video mode is always selected by default mode, so if you want to take a still picture you have to first change the shooting mode. The camera has a photo light, but a rather modest’s dan and therefore do well to stick to reasonably well lit room. The color rendition of the images is mixed. Often, white areas in the image light blue colored. In addition, the U890 just a camera, even if it can be rotated so that it works for both video call and that proper digital camera. Swivel the camera means that it is easy to aim the camera error when to take that picture you need to take. It simply becomes an additional element that feels unnecessary. Two cameras are better than one.

We look closely at the design, it is the keypad LG worked most with. There are clear similarities with Motorola’s Razr and even music buttons on the outside has a metal surface. They assume, however, that you use the correct mediocre built-in music player, and not the Tres own players. To the latter shall come into their own, however, requires that you subscribed for Tres music service.

Before you buy

As a thin 3 g handset jackets U890 everything, but its predecessor only very hardly, for development is difficult to notice. In music, many by competitors keyed in and gone on since LG U880 launched.


Samsung Z150 is also an extremely slim 3 g mobile phone, even if it does not have the same musical focus. Z150 camera is inferior to it in U890.

Score of 76%

Telephony & data 8

Multimedia 7

System and program 8

Ease of use 8

Performance and memory 7




Weak camera

LG U890

Type: 3 g and triple band gsm

Weight: 98 grams

Size: 99.5 x 49.8 x 17.5 mm

Talk time: up to 3 hours

Standby time: up to 260 hours

Memory: 68 MB, slot for Micro-SD

WAP: 2.0

Internet and data capabilities: Gprs class 10, e-mail

Connection to pc/mac: Yes, via bluetooth and usb

Voice Control: No

Ringtones: Polyphonic ringtones and aac and mp3

Phone book: Name, 5 numbers, 2 e-mail addresses, image, website, home address, company address, title and notes can be specified for each contact.

SAR value: 0.616 Watts/kg

Screen: TFT display with 176 x 220 262000 colors and pixels

Games: No games included, but it is possible to upload java applications and games.

Camera: Yes, a swivel with 1.3 megapixels, video capability and flash lamp

Other features: mail, calendar, sync, Web browser, music and video playback, alarm, calculator, unit converter.

Accessories: USB cable, sync program, stereo headset and charger included.

Socket for external antenna: no