Danish Lunar Way Will Rethink the Banking Experience on Your Mobile

A Danish company will rethink what it is like to be a bank customer anno 2016 with app Lunar Way, there is a 100% mobile alternative to traditional banks.

The Danish startup Lunar Way in Aarhus and houses 20 experienced developers, will shake up the banks with a free alternative geared toward the youth segment, where everything takes place through an Android and iOS app.

It need not to be so difficult to be a customer of a bank, as it is today. It considers a Danish technology company, which is right now working on the app Lunar War. It is an alternative to the traditional banking experience particularly directed against the younger segment, who expect and prefer more options than what the established banks today offer.

This means that the Lunar Way make full up with bank branches. Instead going on everything through the app, which come both for Android and iOS. The idea is that you as a customer want and can arrange everything yourself instead of having a swing by the nearest branch or use Internet banking on your computer. For this reason, the service may not, however, disappear-on the contrary.

Lunar Way offers for a new, unique customer service directly from the app with video calls. It stops, however, certainly not here. When bank experience goes live, it will be quite free to create for you as a customer, which also takes place in a snap via the app. There are sign scrapped everything called fees and the associated MasterCard debit cards with Contactless NFC payment costs nor a Crown.

Packed with cool features

When Lunar Way will replace the need to meet up at a physical branch, requires it of course also lots of features, like the current banks apps don’t necessarily have. The need for cool features you’ll guarantee few met with Lunar Way where the list among other things include:

  • Prompt creation directly from the app: Identify yourself with your phone number, email, nemID, sunhedskort and driver’s license/passport and choose a 4-digit code. So are you running.Average creation takes only 47 seconds.
  • Activate your new card from the app: Instead of having to call an automatic answering machine, just click into the app and activate your card immediately by entering the digits of your card number.
  • Freeze cards instead of lock: Have you tried to lose your card or thrown it away at home, so there is no reason to block it for fear of getting it abused. With Lunar Way you can just freeze it and activate it again, if you find it in the back pocket.
  • Get notifications by events: Lunar Way allows you to receive notifications when events that you’ve selected, nothing happens. For example, when the money goes in or if you have less than 1,000 dollars back – it’s up to you.
  • Sign from the phone: Instead of making a physical signature is performing Lunar Way it with an easy electronic via the app.
  • Integration with fingerprint reader: Biometric sensors such as fingerprint readers are here to stay, and the function takes advantage of Lunar Way, so you can quickly, easily and securely log in with one touch.
  • Pay Bill by taking a picture: Are you tired of the Bills that come with the giro money transfer slip? With Lunar Way takes you just a picture of the entire Bill and submit it for approval at the Lunar Way, that’ll take care of the rest.

Lunar Way also makes it clear that the company is not a real bank, but a technology company, and therefore does not have a banking licence. Instead cooperate Lunar Way with Københavns andelskasse, as have banking licences and where all services are running through. Lunar Way promise, therefore, the same security, as you can expect with all other banks.

Write you on the waiting list to try beta version

Lunar Way is not launched in its finished form at this time, and in fact, you may only disclose your email on the website and write you on the waiting list to beta test bank solution as one of the first. To judge from the Lunar Ways Facebook page opens up these days for access to the users, so you can probably soon try the new banking solution of.