E-View7. Add and View Cameras IP in Mobile APP

Wanscam is currently one of the most prestigious IP camera manufacturers. It includes in its products free APPs like e-view7-use cameras using P2P in an easy and simple with a variety of functions.

E-View7. Add and View Cameras IP in Mobile APP 3

In this document we will explain the functions of the APP, from the most basic of how to install the APP, to the more advanced on how to access the recordings in the phone’s memory.

Description APP e-view7

The aPP allows you to add local or remote IP cameras to view them in real time. Includes audio functions (talk or listen through the camera and mobile device) for free. It has version for Android and iOS free systems

You can download manuals and documentation in Spanish from the website wanscam or directly from:

Android: Manual APP Android e-view

iOS: Manual iOS e-view

Download Android e-view7

In this document we will take as example Android, while the operation is a similar shape for Android or iOS.

We access playstore gone or Apple Store and look for the term ‘ E-View7 ‘

After download it click the icon

Add cameras to e-view7

On the main screen will appear the cameras go adding. The first should not appear any camera.

At the bottom you can see the options:

Video: This screen will appear where the main cameras.

Devices. Since this option you can add more cameras. And configure each camera options

Multi-media. You can access the contents of the recordings in the IP camera

Message. It is a history, where will be shown each added camera and notices of motion detection, as well as other information relevant to each House,

To add a camera click on devices and the + symbol at the top right.

From the screen Add camera can add cameras to the APP.

In box ID must enter the UID code of the camera in different ways:

  • You can manually enter the camera address UID
  • Either you can scan the QR code of the camera
  • If these connected by WiFi Mobile to the same local network camera, you can use the option Search.

In our case we click on search and locate us quickly the surveillance camera.

We click on the address to add to the APP

If you prefer you can scan the code QR camera as well as the direction of the camera will appear to read this sticker.

Once the code has been written in the table ID, you must enter the password of the camera.

This password may initially be empty or admin and must appear on a label of the camera.

Don’t forget to click on Save to save the settings.

If the password is correct you can see images from your camera in the window of devices.

If signals on the camera you can see live images of the camera

To view the camera on the screen Video main click on the Video window’s icon +

And in the next window select listing your camera to display on the main screen.


E-View7. Add and View Cameras IP in Mobile APP 2

Screen view video from e-view7

From the display window the camera image will appear.

With movement arrows you can move the objective if your camera has a motorized functions.

Clicking on the center of the screen will appear printed a series of options for the camera

Top menu e-view7

Controls from left to right means:

  • Bar menu display. We will then discuss in greater detail
  • Movement patrol horizontal (only motorized cameras)
  • Vertical patrol (only motorized cameras)

On the right:

  • Preset. With this button you can memorize positions or attend them.
  • Leave the display

In the picture below you can see the positions dialog box allows you to preset the APP.


The meaning of the controls in the image below in order from top to bottom and left to right is as follows:

  • Opens or closes sidebar
  • Horizontal mirror image
  • Vertical mirror image
  • Brightness settings
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Return to values by default video controls
  • Patrol horizontal
  • Zoom zoom
  • Zoom zoom
  • Close shutter
  • Open shutter
  • Change frequency of light

Some functions like zoom and shutter settings must allow it the camera hardware.


Function of talking or listening

Take fotografiia

Record video.

Setting bit rate. You can adjust between if you prefer higher quality in Exchange for lower speed, or speed to change have lower quality image

Infrared options. You can leave the to go always lit, always paid or automatically turn on in darkness.

Symbols + and -. They allow you to adjust the size of the image on the screen of your phone

Taking of image capture or recording video from this menu is done on the phone’s memory. Not on any internal memory of the camera, so for these functions is not necessary the camera has internal memory slot. Use these options with care since you can fill your phone memory and damage its Android system software / iOS.

Setup camera app e-view7

From the devices section, select the icon for information about camera need to do a more advanced configuration.

You will be shown a picture with the following functions you can do on each camera:

WiFi. It allows from the APP search for WiFi networks and type your password to configure the way wireless camera.

User. You can modify the user name and password that will access the camera.

FTP. It allows to configure an FTP Server data.

e-mail. You can configure the email data from which will be sent notices in case detected an alarm –

Alarm. From this section you can configure the detection services. We will deal in more detail this part of the APP later in this tutorial.

SD memory. If you have a memory in the camera, in this section you can see more information regarding the used and free space.

Hour. You can to get the date and time on your mobile device or from a server on the Internet.

Receive notification after turn off. Selecting the checkbox you will receive notifications from the APP in case of alarm even after you exit the APP.

In the next section we will explain in detail how to make the alarm setting. To do this click on the option alarm.

Configuration alarm APP e-view7

You will be shown the following options in the alarm section:

Motion detection. You can enable or disable the detection function manually.

Sensitivity detection movement. You can set the sensitivity of detection with a value between 1 and 10.

Position following activation. It is possible to indicate a previously established position, so that when a movement is detected, the camera points to this position.

Activation alarm I/O. If your alarm alarm input/output connections, this box will activate the output when an alarm is detected.

Sending email in the event of activation. Will receive an email to activate it in the / s directions indicated previously. Remember you must indicate the email in the e-mail configuration data

Alarm recording. If your camera has an internal memory, selecting this checkbox will be held a the motion detected recording.

Alarm clock. You can set a schedule when the alarm is activated.

How to activate motion detection from e-view7

It is enough to activate the following check boxes:

  1. Motion detection
  2. Sensitivity motion detection , with the desired sensitivity value

When a movement is detected we will receive in APP alarm notification

Control folder Multi-media e-view7

One of the most interesting options of e-view7 is the different ways to access the recordings, since it allows the app to access the images are in the phone’s memory or internal memory of the camera.

By clicking on the bottom in Multi-media will appear the following screen:

  • Image. Select images in the phone’s memory.
  • Video. Select video phone recordings.
  • Remote. This is some of the most interesting options since you can remotely access the recordings in the camera’s memory.
  • The recordings appear on the bottom of image or video according to this selected for the storage of the phone.

To make click on remote you appear a list of configured cameras with e-view7. You must select the camera you want to view images taken on the internal memory.

Once you have chosen the remote camera you can see images taken sorted by date.

Sidebar APP e-view7

From the initial box video you can access options on the management of the aPP:

Traffic statistics. It shows the WiFi or 3 G IP camera data consumption

Voice message. You can enable or disable for monitoring audio from the camera when you close the APP.

Network limitations. Configure to only access or no camera via WiFi.

Appearance. It allows to customize the background color in the APP.

Assistance. Displays brief instructions on the handling of the APP-

Pulsar. You can customize for closing APP continue to receive notifications in case of alarm.

On. Displays the version of the installed APP information.

Leave. Click to close the application.

In that folder mobile stores recordings e-view7

If you need to access the phone recordings, you can directly do it from File Manager

In the case of my phone I have configured the storage by default in The SD card, if you have in your case in the internal memory of the phone you must access it.

The recording path is EView7 – > video and will appear sorted by date and camera recordings.

Setup camera Wanscam using “One Key Settings”

Some HW0036 IP camera models have no ethernet connection to connect to the Router. Connection must be done via WiFi from the camera to the mobile application.

  • You connect the camera to the mains with the power adapter included
  • Running the application and in the upper right corner points on the option +.
  • On the next screen select the option “One Key settings”
  • Enter the WiFi password, and click on Start, to bring up the following screen:
  • Wait approximately 60 seconds and select your camera from the list that appears.
  • In this way you can see images of the IP camera on your mobile.

Configure motion detection from APP

Camera want to configure motion detection click on the button with the letter appears on the right side of the listing.

You will be shown a screen with different configuration options allows the application in this House.

Setup email eview7

by clicking on email you can set up the service of notice by email, indicating an email from the sent messages and you want to be alert in each case.

In the following document you in more detail an example to configure gmail in chambers Wanscam addresses

Configuration alarm eview7

In the Alarm section you can activate the motion detection, as well as the sensitivity of detection.

In the middle box, you can set the following settings:

Go to preset position. If the camera has motorised functions can indicate the camera is moved to a position in particular when movement is detected.

IO Linkage. If your camera has input and output connections, selecting this checkbox will activate the alarm output. This option is useful for sound a siren when motion is detected, or activate a relay and an electric product of greater power

Send email. By activating this function the Chamber will send an email when movement is detected from email accounts previously established.

Record when alarm. If your camera has a memory card recording functions, selecting this checkbox it will record on the camera’s memory.

At the bottom of the screen you can set a schedule if you want to detect movement only work in a few days or hours in particular.

Setting SD memory eview7

From the SD memory section, if your camera has an internal memory or a slot into which you have inserted this memory, you can have the following options:

SD memory, which shows the amount of memory in the camera and that the memory that is available free.

At the bottom you have more details about if your camera allows you to make recordings of each time interval and in that agenda acts.

Notifications in APP wanscam eview7

From the APP you can configure if you need to receive immediate alerts if motion is detected

Active button to receive notifications.
You will receive notices of notification at the top of your system Android or iOS, where it appears the name of the camera and notice of detection.

Configure app to make recordings in IP camera

Click on the right button of the camera like to activate the recording function

Select function SD-Card

At the top it will show you information about the inserted memory capacity and the size of the recordings. If you need it you can click on SD card format to format the camera’s memory and delete all its contents.

Selected Recording time to make a continuous recording on the agenda appears.

Press Save to save the settings you have made.

E-View7. Add and View Cameras IP in Mobile APP

See the Wanscam camera recordings from APP eview7

From the APP you can see the recordings are being made on the remote memory card. From your smartphone while in another place with Internet access see these images.

You can access the bottom folder Multi-media

In this list the folders will appear with recordings made on the phone’s memory. To see the recordings are made in the camera’s memory, select the checkbox Remote.

Selects all cameras you have added in your application the camera connected and want to see the recordings.

On the next screen you can see ordered by file name and date recordings

How to make WiFi ip camera configuration from eview7

We assume your smartphone is connected to the same Router Wi-Fi camera is connected to cable.

To make WiFi Setup, the camera must have been added previously wired and you can access your images using the network cable connected to the Router.

The camera must be accessible as shown in the following image and be connected.

Once the camera is online, click on the button with the symbol appears on the right side of the camera like to configure.!

Click on WiFi

In this screen the camera will display networks WiFi are available where the IP camera is located.

Select the WiFi network to which you want to connect the IP camera.

In the Password box type the password for access to your WiFi network.

It is recommended or the name of the WiFi network or password include special characters that does not recognize the camera.

Click on Save to save the settings written after the password.

Once you press the Save button to save the changes. From now on, you can remove the camera ethernet cable, leaving only connected with the power cord.

The camera will turn off and will restart and will connect to the WiFi network previously selected. This process may take between 30-60 seconds.

East elapsed time will see the way wireless camera only with the power cord.

As talking or listening through the APP in IP cameras

If your camera has audio functions, you can talk or listen to what is happening in the place where the camera is. Your camera should allow audio functions to perform the following functions.

Select the camera that you like talking or listening that it is connected by clicking on the thumbnail of the image.

When you click on the speaker can hear what happens where is the camera.

Hold the button of the microphone to talk from the microphone will be heard in the speaker of the House.
Keep in mind only can talk or listen at the same time. It is not possible to listen to while you are using the function to talk.

Improvements APP e-view7 respect previous versions

The aPP allows you to record audio on your mobile device. Press the button on the microphone, you can record audio on your mobile device

The aPP allows remote access to recorded video on the camera’s SD memory. IE access through your mobile phone and the aPP to the recordings are recorded remote in the camera’s memory.

When recording to SD memory you need to activate the function to record audio if you also need sound on the recording.

The latest version of e-view7 — from a button in the main window enable or disable camera input/output alarm.


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