Fall in Sales of Samsung Galaxy S4 Provokes

Samsung Electronics is a giant company, we are not going to discover anything at this point, but its mobile division is without a doubt the most famous and powerful commercially, what also can be checked in the benefits. If any important phone does not work well, then note in the quarterly figures.

If we listen to Reuters, that is what is happening with the Samsung Galaxy S4, which recently has begun to fall in their sales, according to analyst reports. For this reason, Koreans are planning a meeting with investors to discuss the strategy to continue with mobile phones.

Saturation in the high range

Apparently the benefits coming from the mobile division have dropped 13% in the last three months in Asia, and that is something that has blown up alarms among investors. The widespread thought is that corresponding to the high-end market is saturated, and that is a territory where Samsung was making lots of money.

Those presenting more opportunities for growth, on the other hand, are emerging markets, low-cost smartphones, and Samsung is in those places to get fee, but can hardly achieve the same level of benefits in them. This news perfectly marries the location of Samsung in China.

With this situation on the table, Samsung will bring together 400 investors and analysts in Seoul, on November 6, with the intention to talk about the company in the long run road (one speaks of 2020).

All this comes to light in full presentation and renewal on the part of the higher range of Samsung, the Galaxy Note 3 as the protagonist. We can also be considered as a highlight in the history of Samsung, brand new the first smart watch, a new line of business that want to hit first.