Phenomenon on Kickstarter to Be Acquired Inexpensively

The purchase is just made official: Fitbit stays with Pebble. There is also a farewell letter.

It remains to be seen an official confirmation, but we can take for granted that Fitbit eats Pebble. News initially disclosed by The Information, that little later technological means have been tying ropes to turn it into a fact: deleted from the account of Pebble tweet read as follows: (ツ) ¯ / ¯. A graphical way of saying, ‘this is what’.

It seems that the creators of wearables will fix operation for far less money for what could be, refers to a figure that moves between the 34 and 40 million dollars. I don’t know if Pebble vale that, or is worth more, but in the past he had opportunity to be purchased by many more.

They tell us that the integration of Pebble in Fitbit will be important, We even talk about the disappearance as a brand on the market. Pebble would be mainly with its intellectual property, and its software. With this movement Fitbit would seek to consolidate itself in the world of the smartwatchs, where the company specialized in quantification has been giving timid steps.

The most beloved element by Fitbit possibly the operating system, or the intellectual property around it. It would allow to grow in ecosystem of products easier

The sum of Pebble will rejuvenate Fitbit, current leader of the wearable market, mainly by the force that has with quantifier bracelets. Another singing is to remove the head in Smart Watches sector, where there are giants like Apple, Samsung, or LG, that is costing them horrors make a product to the general public want to.

Successful Kickstarter to be absorbed

We must remember that Pebble has entered more than 40 million dollars throughout his career within Kickstarter (from 2012), different campaigns have put the brand on the market, and we can not deny that has done much known in short time, planting face to names bound in consumer electronics.

Still remember as it raised one million dollars a day, also criticisms which has supported by followed using a platform of crowdfunding with its following products: assumes that it was already a consolidated company able to produce without the help of the people.

Pebble understood a new market, he knew that people could want a moderately intelligent, with autonomy and affordable watch

We could say that it was the first placing on the market a smartwatch as such, with your operating system and basic functionality, a couple of years before others had nothing to offer. Continue to evolve the idea has been complicated, with Time – more smartwatch – have not got the necessary to transform the company push.

Yes, other companies have wanted to Pebble, we can highlight a first assault by the Japanese Citizen back in 2015, at that time they were offering $ 740 million. The next dream case is the of Intel, to put 70 million dollars on the table to get the small company born from Kickstarter.

The road ahead there is complicated, possibly joints have something more to say on land we all had more fertile as the smart watches, difficult even for Apple or Samsung.