Forget of the “Shadow Shadow Beyond Here,”

Long ago in Engadget we have been speaking of the relevance to the design and fashion they have in the world of technology – look askance at Apple Watch – but is that it is also happening otherwise: worlds traditionally something unrelated to the technology also makes time providing care – and much – to this field.

It is the case of the L’ Oréal group -3.4% of their income (800 million euros) going to r & d, whose division of L’ Oréal Paris has presented the mobile application in our country Make Up Genius. The really interesting thing about this tool for iOS and Android is not the solution itself both integration that makes advanced technology recognition and facial monitoring of the company Image Metrics.

L’ Oréal has done is combine it with their products and other unique ingredient: augmented reality. The result is surprising, and it allows that potential buyers of cosmetics to check how they are products wherever they are. Live the experience leaves us with the feeling that the mobile becomes a small but surprising study of make-up in which buyers can experiment with all kinds of products of the firm before attempting to apply them or even buy them.

First in movies and video games, now in cosmetics

The fundamental basis of this solution of the firm of beauty is the collaboration with Image Metrics, company that for years working in the field of facial recognition and monitoring of movements of the head. Its technology has been applied to films like “The curious case of Benjamin Button” or video games like “Grand Theft Auto V”, and in the case of Make Up Genius results are remarkable.

The herramietna is based on a complex algorithm result from the analysis of hundreds of faces of different ethnic groups and uses an advanced facial mapping which captures 64 points of the face 100 different facial expressions, permitting for the first time, try the makeup in time real and moving.

Technology reminds us that we have seen for example long Google Hangouts and those small items (hats, glasses, mustaches or beards) that we can add to our faces during video chat sessions. However the solution from L’ Oréal Paris and Image Metrics goes one step beyond. The accuracy of that makeup in your application and while we move the head is amazing, although there are some limitations.

Hardware user experience barrier

The main one, the fact that the tool works well in recent terminals or high-end, but not so long ago it in more modest ranges devices or who already have certain age. Florent Valceschini, director of L’ Oréal Incubator projects, explained by example how the development was compatible with various smartphones and tablets from Apple (iPad 2 and iPhone 4S no problems). However in the case of Android the vast differences between the optics, hardware and software make it difficult that the operation will be perfect.

And this, dear xatakeros, is what happens when a guy goes to a press event that what is presented is more for girls. That being said, the application works outstanding.

Here the heterogeneity of the Android market plays against, but on recent devices solution should work as normal, although that Yes, in tests they have also focused on high-end Android terminals, and the bet is the withstand more terminals that are coming that not all that huge catalog that would make it impossible to devote as many resources.

The situation will certainly improve gradually, but this is the reason behind which is the low valuation on Google Play (2.5, with quite a lot of criticism saying that the tool does not work) even though if it works Make Up Genius brings a really distinctive value to the cosmetics segment. The possibility of testing products and even buy them – in L’ Oréal resolved also that second part of the experience – from the complete application experience which shows that technology bet that L’ Oréal Paris seems to be going strong: the exclusivity of the agreement with Image Metrics in the field of cosmetics surely give an advantage over its competitors.