Galaxy 5, Pebble Note Time, Alphabet, Google, and Much More

A new weekend begins, and as always among the many options that you can use to enjoy it is to dedicate some further time to read some of the issues that have highlighted this week in the world of technology and everything that surrounds it. As always, we tell, enjoy reading, We hope that these links will convince you.

  • The presentation of the new Note 5 Galaxy and Galaxy S6 Edge + has been probably the most striking of the last few days, and with these new members of the high-end came the controversy. The Note 5 not come to Europe in 2015 and almost da same as Samsung has surprised us with accessories like the Keyboard Cover. There are arguments that attack and also with those who defend the decisions of Samsung with Note 5, but also the new Edge + – by the way, with prices starting from 799 euros – invites reflection.
  • The Smart Watches they will give much to talk about in the next IFA 2015 fair, which takes place in just 2 weeks in Germany, but we already have the analysis of the Time Pebble, one of the most original devices of this market. Autonomy and his singular conception of the platform and interface are values to take into account, and this manufacturer shows that it is still in the fight.
  • It seems almost certain that we will have Apple event on September 9. It will be then when this company present us the new iPhone 6S whose main novelty will be according to all the rumors the integration of Force Touch on your screen. In Applesfera already it had been “reconstructed” based on rumors – also try to draw it from Engadget Mobile-, and now it seems that a potential iPhone 6 c that would expand the range of devices of this family is added to the output of this model.
  • The emergence of confidential information in the media and on the internet it has become a constant in recent times, and from Engadget asked us what kind of secret documents is accessible and why. The search of that classified information reveals surprises, of course.
  • Surprised we were in the restructuring of Google. The internet giant announced important changes that will make that now its various businesses are part of a conglomerate that have called Alphabet. Each letter of this new alphabet corresponds to a major project which encompassed before Google, which by the way, has new CEO. He is concerned, how not, Sundar Pichai, whose past and present analyze to try to guess where to go Google now. Among the questions, of course, is which affects the economic intentions of Brin and Page – at the front of the Alphabet – with this move.
  • Microsoft continues to advance in the deployment of Windows 10. This week we have had everything: for starters, controversy with an update that has generated more than one headache. We have also discovered how to enjoy even more the streaming of video games from the Xbox One to a computer with Windows 10. Not forgetting the new debate about privacy after it was discovered that this remains SO capturing data even with enabled privacy options. However Palm launching Windows 10 IoT Core takes her to the Raspberry Pi 2 and the Max Minnowboard, but beware, because this does not mean that you can count on a desktop of Windows 10 in these MiniPC.
  • Topics such as always diverse and original coming from Magnet. The first, from vermin from australia who are trying to kill you: there were so many that an article is not enough and we had to make a second part. More related with the world of technology – but with a fun perspective – is that affects the cover that Time magazine has dedicated to Virtual reality and which has become a meme in any rule.
  • Impossible not to recommend you reading the article that Mr Josep Camós published in Motorpasión and makes clear their impressions after seeing a special “Callejeros” dedicated to road safety.

In English…

  • A Japanese woman called Yuko Nakazawa He is the founder of UPQ, a small company that designs its products in Japan and manufactured in China. The result: more competition for large and show that kids today have more potential than ever to make your dream a reality and compete with giants that until not long ago seemed unattainable.
  • The news of the impact of the ad blockers (ad blockers) in web browsers has recently been debated in the media. In The New York Times talked about the economic cost, but there is an especially recommended analysis written by Marco garment, creator of Instapaper. Your arguments make it clear that all are responsible for the current situation, but is optimistic in this regard. The same thing myself.
  • The discussion on privacy Internet is a constant and already a few days ago we performed our own thinking about criticisms that Windows 10 had generated in this regard. From Lifehacker Alan Henry again meditate on this issue that it is not so when one takes into account that in the end everything is matter of sacrifices. As he suggests, today could speak of Economics of privacy: our data in Exchange for services.
  • 20 years ago a company unknown to the vast majority of call Netscape He began his career on the New York Stock Exchange. It was one of the great public offers of sale, and the first of the dot-com boom In Quartz they narrate the history of that leap to the Park and the impact that Netscape and its founder, Marc Andreessen, had in the technology landscape.
  • We are measuring bad earthquakes. Or so they say in Wired, where they explain that there is a better method, called “seismic moment”. Nothing from Richter scales, gentlemen. A from now to measure it all in joules.

In video…

As we explained previously, in Engadget we have carried out a comprehensive analysis of the Time Pebble, and this story has been accompanied by a video in which we explain what we can expect from this smart watch:

In this NASA video It shows us the construction of a new type of rocket, the RS-25, which will be responsible to humans to Mars for the first time with a bit of luck:

A few days ago presented the OnePlus 2, but we already have a few first impressions video of one of the major players in the next few months:

The launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge + of which we talked about at the beginning of this review also it has been accompanied by a video in which we describe these two new smartphones of high range in detail: