Google and Apple Come Together to Try to Buy 1,100 Kodak Patents

Kodak She is not going through a good moment, the company that was leading for years in the photography market has failed to adapt to the new times, and that Bill passed, is practically in the bankruptcy. To pay off the debts that the company has been forced to sell patents and interested companies include Google and Apple.

A few months ago both companies tried to buy patents separately but without success. Now Google and Apple come together to buy 1,100 Kodak patents for about 500 million dollars. Both companies are afraid that these patents fall into bad hands that untoward products and devices, since many patents for Kodak for visualization and digitization of photographs are used by Google and Apple. Other companies interested in acquiring these patents are Microsoft and Intellectual Ventures Management Consortium.

It’s nice that Google and Apple set aside their problems to acquire together some patents that will benefit both companies, users and the entire Android ecosystem, since if they get the purchase will avoid possible claims of patents between them and third parties alike. From here we hope you have luck and get to buy them.