Google Health with His Own Bracelet Cuantificadora

The bracelets quantifier they still give much to talk about in recent months. Fitbit – some believe that it is lagging behind in this segment – just hit bag in United States animated by its dominance in the market (especially interesting is its contribution to the quantification within the company) and with initial positive results despite the presentation of more and more smart watches.

Large also seem to contemplate this field of health as something promising, and in fact Google has just introduced its cuantificadora bracelet. However, solutions unlike traditional to that record the physical activity, the bracelet of Google is focused specifically on the health segment, in which these devices could have a significant impact.

A bracelet that you can buy

The device is in experimental phase and has been created by the famous Division of research Google X, and according to its makers, it is capable of measuring pulse, heart rate, body temperature or environmental factors as levels of noise or exposure to direct sunlight.

Andy Conrad, head of the team that has brought to light this development in Google, stated that will not be available as a product for the end user, and explained in an interview with Bloomberg that “our purpose of use is to turn it into a medical device that is prescribed to patients or used in clinical trials”.

In Google, they believe that these tools such as Google bracelet devices could be used so that healthy people can have immediate feedback on changes that could point to various diseases. That would be critical to a much more effective prevention, and in addition would make patients hardly had to do anything – except reload these bracelets – to take advantage of the benefits of these bracelets.

The wearables can go far beyond

The proposal from Google makes it clear that there are many other possibilities for the segment of the wearables and bracelets quantifier. Health is without doubt one of those scenarios in which these devices can be key to better health management, and both insurers as medical centers are already inside.

The field of health in which seems to have focused his efforts Google because it has been explored by other companies such as Samsung (with S Health) or Apple (which with Healthbook want to have much to say). There are many important proposals that demonstrate that quantify already is not a game, and that much of the industry trust in this field to take advantage of these devices.