HTC Vive-Price and Availability on HTC’s VR Headset

The advanced HTC Vive headset for Virtual Reality has got a price-it will not be cheap.

HTC’s and game company valve’s big bet within virtual reality approaching now store shelves. In a press release announces the HTC consumer version will get its commercial at the beginning of april, with reservations accepted from the 29. February.

The Danish price can not inform Norden HTC yet, but the newly specified price at $ 799 suggests that it will not be cheap. Including Danish taxes and duties should the price countries around the six and seven thousand dollars.

Best VR on the market

HTC’s Vive VR is by many, including, have been identified as the most realitetstro Virtual Reality experience on the market. An experience which so far have been reserved to get media and industry professionals.
But now is HTC and Valve ready to take the step ahead says Cher Wang, ceo of HTC:

“Since the Vive made his debut around the same time last year, we have bony uninterrupted get fine-tuned the experience and give the best VR experience on the market. An effort we have garnered high praise from both the media, consumers and industry.
With Vive Consumer Edition, we realize our ultimate vision, to bring out to consumers ‘ homes, Vives where everyone can sample a true virtual reality experience. ”

Special offer for the rapid

You will be among the first buyers will you get two games with your HTC Vive:
Job simulator: The 2050 Archives
The game is a parody of a vision of the future where robots have taken over all the jobs, and Job Simulator gives the user the opportunity to try their hand at it to have a job.
Fantastic Contraption
Here you will find yourself on a desert island and get the opportunity to build various ‘ Storm P machines ‘ with the resources you find around you.



HTC Vive price and availability

HTC Vive price and availability