Intel and Fossil Together at the Battle of the Wearables

It is difficult to stay on the pace of market, even for a company as powerful as Intel, that you are viewing as hardware solutions based on ARM designs are eating him the wearables market. Just do a quick review by the IFA 2014 to see that the gadget was star of the season, and none of the proposals had Intel hardware.

It is clear that it is a market to exploit, and let us hope that not take them the Bull as it did with smartphones. How to solve it through partnering with specialists in the creation of watches, as Fossil.

What we are going, the news is that Intel and Fossil will go hand in in the creation of accessories and watches with much technology inside, ultimately, wearables. Unfortunately no more details about the relationship, as the platform that will be chosen, that it could well be Android Wear.

The CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich, has maintained that I prefer to partner with experienced companies on the wrists of the users, allowing them to focus on the part of technology. In the words of Brian, “always we’ll do it better well accompanied”.
“We live in a world where consumers want be connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the most logical way to get it is through the clothes and accessories. “Fashion and the know-how is an important factor along with the technology, so we partnered with the Fossil group”

To the watch company not catches her new this smart watches, he was already working with HP, and even have had a relevant creation with the MetaWatchs.

In regards to Intel, recently bought the company Basis, with the intention of joining the fight for the wearables. It is also making his first steps in smart bracelets, with a closer to the jewel that sports philosophy. Its first product is called MICA.