Samsung May Have Their “Galaxy Glass” at IFA

The South Korean company Samsung It is one of the most prolific in terms of number of electronic devices and formats available. Not in vain we have one of the first smartwatches of smartphones and the market ranging from about 3 inches to more than six inches.

Korea Times He has published, citing an anonymous source, that the competition of Samsung for Google Glass It could reach the market officially in September of this year, during the fair of Berlin IFA 2014 technology in a very similar format.

They are not the first rumors that Samsung was working at something similar to Google Glass as a digital complement (wearable device). However, the information referred to in Korea Times also points to the request of a patent from Samsung in the direction of smart glasses.

Korea Times quotes the statements an anonymous representative of Samsung:

The new smart glass will be presented by Samsung as a new concept of device wearable that can lead to an exciting cultira of communication. The Smart Glass will be our intention to lead the new market with proven capabilities. Digital supplements may not generate benefits immediately. The continuous launches of devices show the firm commitment of the company as a leader in new markets.

At the moment it is not known if they will eventually come or not to the market, although seeing the pace of releases from Samsung is likely to end up entering this market also.

On the Name product, we could speak of Galaxy Glass or if Samsung begins to use Gear as a line of digital Add-ons / accessories, perhaps Gear Glass.