MacBook Air 12 “, Touch-Sensitive Virtual Controls E

The first months of any year, in the Apple world, are a hotbed of rumors. Halfway between the preceding months and the coming, expectations, interests and perspectives sometimes materialize in various information unconfirmed, that never cease to be an important ingredient in the history of the company from Cupertino. We started the year sheepishly even, but they begin to emerge of interesting things:

  • One of the strongest of the week rumors has been the possible filtration of the first images of the new MacBook Air 12 “. According to, the new Mac would not have illuminated Apple and would have a framework similar to the MacBook Pro with Retina display (not to say that this new Air has it). The mythical PowerBook 12 “comes to many to head and only for this reason, we are looking forward to see this new version (if it is materialized at the end).
  • The world of patents is always a source of rumors, and this week we have seen how Apple was a form of interaction with devices using the eyes. According to the patent, it is not only a way to control a screen, but also that the device would display the appropriate information depending on where you’re looking. They also stressed in AppleInsider that Apple always spoke that a hypothetical new Apple TV would strength its system control, so anything is possible.
  • Another of the rumors of the week has been the one of the first tests of Apple Watch battery leaked, coming up to the 19 h approximate general purpose. Eye, because it is not of the 2, 5 h 3, 5 h who has read out there to search headlines: that time is in continuous use, the maximum CPU and screen without turning off (part of the stress tests that have many devices). 19 h General are very similar numbers to those who count the rest of smart watches on the market, and we must remember that they are not official and that Apple Watch is not yet on the market, so we should expect to have the final version in our dolls.
  • We continue with the patent, this time to discover any of the fields in which Apple wants to evolve the iPad: for example, adding touch probes on the back of the device and that they will use certain applications (mostly games) without touching the screen. In PatentlyApple also teach us a new virtual keyboard for Macs, which could acquire any provision of keys (virtually). Apple, here I ask you that you are at least in the next keyboard incorporéis TouchID to unlock the Macs, Thank you (this has not come out in any patent, it is my request).

During the coming months we must not fool only with the attention of the public towards the Apple Watch, it can be a very interesting year with regard to the new generation of Macs, renewal of the Apple TV and iPods, He stayed in background in 2014 and some surprise that we are sure that we have prepared from Cupertino.