Magic Mirrors, TVs in the Bathroom and Smart Hoods

I’ll forgive that it had slightly forgotten this section with the best of Xataka Smart Home, especially because we found really amazing things for the intelligent home, those that appear to be from the future but which are gradually entering our homes.

We start off with the most curious of all, and it is that if you ever have wanted to have a magic mirror that tell us that we are the more handsome or beautiful realm, then you are in luck, because you can make yourself your own magic mirror at home with a little skill and a Raspberry Pi.

If the magic mirrors has not been never your dream, but it Watch TV while you give yourself a bath -as in some luxury hotels – then also have reason to rejoice, because Aquavision has launched a range of televisions, resistant to water and humidity. For the kitchen, on the other hand, where many people already have a television, has come a new concept called Smart Kitchen TV.

Not out of the kitchen because there are more innovations still to count, as new hoods smart AEG, “spoken” with the countertop to adjust its power. And speaking of speaking, according to,LG has just announced their first HomeChat-compliant appliances. Finally, good news for those who we always want to save on electricity, LED lighting also becomes the hand of Cree LED T8 fluorescent lamps.

We now leave the kitchen and put the brooch to this review by best of Xataka Smart Home speaking of Security, as WallyHome, a system that prevents the growth of mold and mildew in our home, or Korner, a system of sensors that alert us to the phone if there are intruders at home.