Motorola Nexus 6 Is Shown in an Official Render Thanks to Evleaks, Little Doubt Are Already

Bad news for those who still were sceptical about the launch of a Nexus format after which Motorola would be phablet, and this time the information comes from sources reliable and well-known, because after the render that you show in the article is the footballer Evan Blass, Evleaks for friends.

A screenshot of CPU-Z lit us up a couple of days, although many cross leaks that we have received in recent times brought us reasonable doubts on two different devices under the signature of Motorola: one the aforementioned phablet 6 Nexus – Nexus X or even Motorola Shamu – and another Droid Turbo that will reach the United States with Verizon.

This morning Google did what you like most, that it is to play with the stir media thanks to some videos in which you could see a little character using a huge device with unmistakable design Nexus, clean front and rounded edges, very similar to the views leaks and almost identical to where now teaches Evleaks.

A Moto X become the highest range phablet

As that seems, the Nexus 6 will be a phablet screen of 5.9 inch and design similar to the Moto X 2014, although with the noblest range hardware and a Nexus label that claims to be the smartphone Android reference for a year and a software with the best Android Pure Google experience.

Of course, we do not forget that its huge screen will follow the line of the resolutions QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) with keypad, virtual, and animated by a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and 3 GB of RAM, surely not cheapen the ultimate user experience for nothing.

Also rumored a 13 megapixel camera that will again be the point to improve all nexus, accompanied by another 2 megapixel front and a 3200 mAh battery to give autonomy to the whole.

Dispel doubts with only a render?

Well, it is obvious that we have to stop the filter render and that supposedly shows the Nexus 6, and is that the image shows that we have a very large terminal.

We can not tell you if your frame will be metallic or not, although the horizontal lines that appear on the upper parts and bottom of side so could indicate it, but what we do see is the side buttons a little more centered placement volume and ignition.

This could be the key to the size of the Nexus 6, and is a more focused placement than usual It could indicate that they are there by ergonomics, to facilitate his touch when it comes to take a device with considerable height by hand.

What if it is clear, is the new Nexus this recreation, or is not, is that Motorola is preparing a phablet to be launched imminently given the leaks, and we can also state that to Google you are liking this playing with the hype of their new Nexus, to be presented to the world in an official way and accompanying to Android in the next two weeks.