New Polar M400, Ideal for Runners Seeking to Monitor

Polar has presented many watches for those seeking to assess their sporting performance, however, the new Polar M400 It is much more than that, because even though it is ideal for runners, monitor the activity of every day in a way similar to the Polar V800, but at a much more affordable price.

The new Polar product is a Watch with GPS integrated at the same time has functions to assist your training and sensors to monitor your every day. In the M400 is also possible to set challenges and know how far we are reaching them.

Not only is a Smart Watch for runners, but also, a quantifier of the daily movement, since we know the steps taken, distance traveled, altitude, and calories burned in a rough way, since it has not integrated heart rate monitor.

It has a comfortable design, it is light and water resistant, and in it we can find the maps of our journey as well as timing races or using a timer to train intervals.

As if it were some Polar M400 Let us know when it’s time to move because we have spent much time inactive and it is able to evaluate the quality and durability of our dream night.

Can be used in conjunction with the application or the web Polar Flow, where you can view stats, graphics and set goals that the clock will help us achieve.

according to Automotiveqna,This new so-called smart watch Polar M400, ideal for runners who also seek to monitor their day to day, It will be available for the month of October at a price of 160 euros or 200 euros if this gadget to add a heart rate monitor to get a more accurate calculation of calories burned.

By the characteristics of the new product of Polar and taking into account that it is a hybrid of smatwatch and quantifier, We can say that its price is more than reasonable and can be an excellent alternative for non-professional athletes who also want to monitor your every day.