New Rate for The Service My Country from Vodafone

Vodafone continues with his idea of conquer the world starting week comes and will launch a major promotion aimed almost exclusively at the immigrant community in Spain, which is already 5 million people.

It’s the new option of┬áMy country, with which, since September 11, subscribers may call all the mobile and fixed in the country they choose (up to 50) by 18 cents / min, every day from 20 to 24 h.

The drawbacks of this service is that you can only choose a country of 50, but you can change as a result of 6 euros everytime you do it.

This rate is interesting by the fact does not distinguish between calls to fixed or mobile and leave for the price of a national call, competing even with booths and international prepaid cards. In addition, joins the fact that Amena and Movistar do not provide a service with a fee as set.